Seductive makes the mark of the flowers Moc Chau

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Unlike Da Lat, the colorful flowers bloom all year round, Moc Chau tourism is known as the tourist season with flowers. The flower season at the Moc Chau - Son La tourism site always makes people feel strange and delusional when immersed in the wild and mysterious nature of the place.

Moc Chau charming with flowers peach blossom

When the weather starts to cool in the early winter, a new flavor will adorn the land of the Moc Chau sky more warm. Moc Chau peaches are French peach blossom, usually blooms at the end of autumn. Moc Chau tourism in the early days of winter, will make visitors an enjoyable experience not only with the winter in Moc Chau but also see the French peach blossoming soon.

French peaches are light in color and have fewer wings than peach blossoms that hatch in every Lunar New Year in Moc Chau. This peach is French peach, or early peach of Moc Chau, they usually flower early. Peach blossoms will bloom for 2 to 3 weeks and will result in fruit. The fresh peaches of Moc Chau will be available in June, July. Moving from Kia Pa Co Hang to Long Luong, a pink chalky paradise of peach blossom will brighten the cool blue of the plum garden right now, in front of visitors.

Flowers peach pink all the way, peach blossom is the face of the blush of the people here every winter. Moc Chau flowers peach are like the beauty of the soul, gentle, fresh of the native people welcome visitors far, making visitors more love the land of Moc Chau.

Ban Flower season - Moc Chau flowers most characteristic

Ban flower is one of the products of the majestic mountains and forests of the Northwest, and has long been a symbol of the Northwest in the poems and in the human heart. In spring, North West in general and Moc Chau in particular is the heaven of flowers. The tree itself, not straight up, but the meandering, splitting the branches branched like the hand of the creator of the public. The leaves are sprouted, not littered and not as dense as other plants; Leaves are cow-shaped, very similar to two hearts placed side by side. The vitality of the tree is intense, even on the dry grass hills or clinging to the cliffs.

In the winter, fallen leaves, put plastic into the trunk, wait until the spring warm, the Ban begins to sprout buds. If you travel in Moc Chau around March, then this is the most suitable time for visitors to get the beautiful frame with flowers characteristic for this season Moc Chau flowers. Throughout the North West and Moc Chau streets, the flowers bloom, beautify under the soft blue sky, alternating in the lush foliage or tune with the dress shirt Thai girls.

Seductive makes the mark of the flowers Moc Chau3
Photo by Quang Huy
Moc Chau plum blossom season

White plum blossom is considered as a typical beauty of Moc Chau flowers that are not everywhere. Moc Chau plum usually arrives in the early days of the calendar year, before the Lunar New Year, a white plum blossom will spread between endless, rising above the green grasslands of Moc Chau. Plum blossoms are everywhere in Phieng Canh, Pa Phach, Loong Luong, plum blossoms associated with the early life of the people of Moc Chau.

Moc Chau white cauliflower season

Early in November, when the cold north wind began to flow, it was time for Moc Chau flowers to change the new clothes for this piece of land, dressed in a white coat of white cauliflower flowers.

Unlike in many other places, the flower baskets are enclosed in a small field. In Moc Chau, the flowers are covered with a hill, extending from one valley to the other. Covered with a pure white of cauliflower. The season of white flowers bloom is the most beautiful Moc Chau!

You can look at white cauliflower in many places in Moc Chau because white flowers grow immensely throughout space. A little tip for visitors is the wonderful place to admire the beauty of the flower is after the pine forest, the Ba Phach 1, 2, 3 and the area of ​​the Five Kingdoms. After that, after the pine forest is more attractive, with dozens of hectares of white flowers, visitors will think that white flowers are not forever chasing flowers, running to the far horizon.

Coming to Moc Chau, whether in any season, you do not have to worry about the scene here. By Moc Chau every season is beautiful, every season there is a kind of starry flowers present in the sky. Because, there are flowers Moc Chau has become the hallmark of this land plateau. Another season of Moc Chau flowers again, what are you waiting for? Hunting tickets to travel to Hanoi, launching into Moc Chau and into the beautiful essence of heaven and earth here. Check out tours itinerary at:

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