The Most Attractive Destinations of Dien Bien Tourism

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Dien Bien Phu may be one of Vietnam's best kept travel secrets - especially for those with an interest in history. There's more than history too. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and inhabited by diverse ethnic minorities. Besides the historic sites, Dien Bien is also attractive visitors with great scenery and closed to nature.

The Most Attractive Destinations of Dien Bien Tourism 3
Pa Thom cave in Dien Bien. Vietnam Typical Tours
1. Pha Din Pass

This is truly a destination to challenge the bravery of visitors. Pha Din is one of the four most dangerous passes in Vietnam. Located on Highway 6 from Hanoi to Dien Bien , Pass is considered the boundary between the two provinces of Son La and Dien Bien, Northwest with a length of 32 km. Pha Din according to the local language means heaven and earth , where denotes the junction between heaven and earth .

The first destination before setting foot in historical land Dien Bien. With more than 1200 meters altitude above the sea level , the mountain pass road uphill , downhill zigzag time , with a protruding side is steep mountain slopes , across deep chasms . Pha Din Pass Crossing is an impressive journey gives visitors the exciting experience , especially sention hand , to explore the natural and unspoiled grandeur .

2. Muong Thanh fields

On rice season, Muong Thanh fields are full of life, beautiful like the painting with lush green stretches or golden color under the sun on ripening rice season. With an area of 4.000ha, spread throughout the Dien Bien Phu basin, Muong Thanh is considered as the Northwest’s largest field, became the granary of Dien Bien province. Many tourists like visiting in late September, when rice ripens because of from high view, Muong Thanh just like a golden valley with fragrant incense.

3. Pa Khoang lake

With its rich vegetation , lakes and forests around the brightly blooming orchid gardens , Pa Khoang lakeis suitable for resort . If you like a mystical scene , come winter , let the mist covered lake creates a dreamy landscape .

And in the summer , fresh air , cool , visitors can enjoy panoramic clouds away water garden or sailing excursions , sightseeing beautiful natural charm made ​​of affliction as to be left behind . Not only beautiful natural scenery , this place also intrigued by the cultural identity of many unique traditional ethnic Thai , Kho Mu …

4. Pa Thom cave

The center of the city about 30 km , the Pa Thom lies halfway up the mountain , famous as a beautiful work , the people here call ” hang many flower fairies ” , with the legend , the myth of love couples .

Through small streets , you’ll see the entrance to the center is a giant boulder -like elephant head is drooping . Action 9 arches , large and small , have brought many stalactites shapes vivid , fanciful colors . Inside the walls is the emulsion volume as large eddies flowing , flowing iridescent . From the cave entrance , panoramic away , visitors will admire the unspoiled natural scenery , enjoy the fresh air , quiet . Cave has been recognized as a national monument in 2009.

5. Border fork Milestone A Pa Chai

Being a mountainous places farthest northwest of the country, A Pa Chai milestone demarcate the border between the three countries Vietnam – Laos – China , where a crow , and hear the water 3 .

A Pa Chai junction has long been enthusiasts discover considered one of the destinations to conquer difficult and most interesting by way up on the top border posts are still wild , difficult and dangerous. Upon arriving here , visitors will be amazed mixed proud beauty of alpine adventure carried around in clouds .

From natural landscapes, historical and cultural destinations, all in Dien Bien. Take a trip to explore the North with us, you will have an exciting journey never forget, email us:

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