5 Amazing Northwest Travel Experiences

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Having the following 5 experiences to visit in Northwest Vietnam in your Vietnam adventure tour is actually brilliant. This will be very interesting experiences from the most wonderful wonders the Creator gifts Vietnam and learn a lot about ethnic groups in the Northern mountains. Don’t let it slip out of your hand!

1. Spectacular scenery of Northwest Vietnam

The Northwest of Vietnam has been included in many tour programs of travel operators in Vietnam due to its untouched and majestic scenic charm, which will certainly astonish any traveler. While this region carries the hidden attraction many people in the world have not had any idea for yet, it’s still waiting for their exploring, which will take them a quite long journey because of its seemingly unending beauty.

5 Amazing Northwest Travel Experiences
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Ha Giang, Moc Chau plateau, Sapa, Lao Cai, and Yen Bai are travel destinations you are recommended to when commencing a Vietnam adventure tour. It’s possibly asserted that you will be absolutely amazed by spectacular views of terraced rice fields in the ripe crop, as smooth as strips of yellow silk looked from the far distance; the scenery of terraced fields is exactly the most remarkable and fantastic feature as well as an art masterpiece of this highland. Further, the buckwheat and white canola blossom are supposed to contribute to the poetic and phenomenal beauty of the mountainous Northwest.

2. Fansipan trekking

Sapa is a city in the clouds in Vietnam. With beautiful natural scenery like the the water painting in the North West, Sapa always occupies the top spot in the list of attractive destinations for most attractive destinations in Vietnam. The place where the land meets the sky, Sapa inherited many beautiful features that the landscape has created favorably for the North West: majestic terraced fields, the majestic mountains around white clouds and the culture of bold national identity. The beautiful wild that great that made many visitors wishing to visit this mysterious land every opportunity to visit Vietnam.

The number of tourists coming to the land of "Europe of Vietnam" this tend to increase. In addition to seeing and seeing beautiful scenery in Sapa, mountain climbing is a tourist activity that brings quite impressive experience to many visitors. They love to climb mountains in Sapa because they can freely mix themselves in nature, are close to the people of Sapa and explore the cultural traditions as well as festive ethnically rich mountain in the north Vietnam.

3. Homestay experience

5 Amazing Northwest Travel Experiences 2
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If possible, you are advisable to pick out homestay experience instead of staying at any hotel because it’s taken into account as an amazing way to understand and perceive the real life of locals in the Northwest of Vietnam. It also helps you infiltrate deep into the idyllic area with a diversity of culture to get taste of exciting activities in your life like learning Hmong Batik, experiencing at the rice farm, visiting Muong Hum market, being taught how to weave cotton by the Tay, and many other amazing experiences.

4. Explore the cuisine

5 Amazing Northwest Travel Experiences 3
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It’s possibly said that the Northwest of Vietnam is the region where you not only discover miraculous landscapes seeming just to be found in heaven gardens in humans’ imagination, but also take a chance to taste specialties which stimulate your tongue at the first time of trying it. Some bizarre names like roasted armpit pig, five- colour steamed glutinous rice, buffalo meat, and Thang Co.

5. Explore hill tribe culture

5 Amazing Northwest Travel Experiences 4
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The Northwest of Vietnam is renowned for a rich diversity of culture because it’s a quintessential blend of many different minority groups. With the journey to explore each wonderful area here, you will attain a chance to learn about unique customs of locals, ranging from festivals, love markets, wife kidnapping ceremony to how they exchange goods for their subsistence.

The beauty of Vietnam travel does not stop there, the best way to enjoy all that beauty is to participate in it. All your questions please let us know, contact us: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/contact-us/

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