What is northern Vietnam attracting tourists?

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It is no surprise that the names of Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay ... are mentioned most in the top tourist spots in the North in 2017.

Beyond the interesting mix of Vietnam’s bustling streets, busy fastfoods, serene lakes, historical museums and centuries-old pagodas tourists come to the country to see, Or the combination of relaxation, relaxation on a luxury yacht and enjoy the majestic scenery of immense nature of the sea. There is a different form of experience that await tourists with more adventurous spirits. The country’s northern mountainous region has always been a favorite destination for travelers because of the scenic views and breathtaking landscapes cradled by the beautiful slopes encircling the region. We have found a way to have an exciting adventure journey, combining all of these experiences for a five day trip as a fun way rather than having to choose one of two different forms of tourism.

What is northern Vietnam attracting tourists?
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Start your journey with a historic destination and explore the local culture: Hanoi capital

As the nation’s capital, Hanoi is an exhilarating blend of eastern and western culture. French colonialism is visible through cuisine as well as architecture, particularly in the French Quarter in the Hoàn Kiếm District. Hanoi is packed with incredible temples, and a visit to the 11th century Temple of Literature is a must-do activity. The side-by-side Ho Chi Minh Museum and Mausoleum are also major attractions in Hanoi, and both are striking buildings from the exterior. 

If the architectural highlights attract you by ancient features, the cuisine of Hanoi attracts you by a unique look. As you may know, Hanoi is well-known for being one of the Asia's 10 greatest street food cities.You will have chance to taste some street food here. Let's make your trip awesome!

Take a hiking adventure in the Northern Mountains: Sapa

Sapa is a destination always present in the most unique tours in northern Vietnam. A land of modest, quietly but hides many the magic of the natural scene. Sapa's natural landscape is combined between human creativity and the topography of hills, green forests, which look like the paintings are arranged in a layout harmony to create a region with many romantic scenes. From the city center you can reach its panoramic views of the untouched mountain peaks. Visiting Sapa, you will have chance to conquer Fansipan peak known as making a trip to the village hidden in the mist. Mountain scenery with blooming flowers and "clouds hugging mountains, clouds hugging mountains" certainly would delight you travelling the place. Moreover, you can travel another well-known places in Sapa such as: Muong Hoa valley, Love market, Bac waterfall, Ban Ho and etc. Not your own, most visitors to Sapa are leaving with feelings of regret, the scenery and people here are so great, dear.

Ending the journey at the destination is recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage: Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of famous destination in Vietnam, located in the northeast Vietnam. Having thousands of magnificent islands is marvelous nature, Halong Bay was repeatedly recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Area. Halong attracts both domestic and international guests due to outstanding natural beauty. Take a Halong cruise to enjoy the Legendary Halong bay with many beautiful places: limestone, Surprise Cave, floating village… and you will have a lifetime experience.  

You want to try this journey of discovery, connect with us now to have a perfect plan for yourself when coming to Vietnem: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/contact-us/

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