Top street food not to be missed when coming to Hoi An

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Hoi An was used to be one of the most busiest seaport of the Inner Region during the Vietnam Civil War of 1700-1800s, and because of that, the culinary is like a mixing pot of so many cultures. You can easily find a delicious dish here without stepping foot into a restaurant.

Is not only famous for its exceptional historical architecture but also famous for its appetizing street food. Therefore, coming to Hoi An without trying Hoi An street food is definitely a waste. However, not knowing what food to try and where to enjoy it is a common issue. With our local experience, here is the list of the most favorite street food in Hoi An.

Chicken rice

One of top 10 foods to eat in Hoi An iss Chicken rice. Hoi An is not the only home to chicken rice in Vietnam, but local people have developed its recipe and built reputations for the dish. Local selects those ingredients carefully, including jasmine rice, a chicken, onions, Vietnamese coriander and other spices to absorb their flavors. Rice is cooked with species and boiled with chicken broth. A bowl of chicken rice comes with shredded chicken, sliced onions, sour papaya, vegetables from nearby Tra Que village and sauce.

Cao Lau

There are also many restaurants to serve you if you don’t like to sit outside on Trần Phú, Bạch Đằng Streets. Trần Phú is the best place to eat “cao lầu”, a regional Vietnamese dish made with “cao lầu” noodles made of flour rice soaked in ash water and cooked with Bá Lễ well’s water, pork, shrimp ,and local greens, that is only found in the town of Hội An, with a pretty good price. The noodle is tough, sweet, and just irresistible.

These restaurants are used to serve foreigners mostly while the people in Hoi An like to eat street “cao lầu”, which is cheaper, but still, and sometimes more delicious.

Quang noodle

A delicious treat in Hoi An, with wide rice noodle, half salad, half soup, Quang Noodle became Quang Nam – Hoi An iconic dishes. Therefore, the name “Quang” is from “Quang Nam” province. A bowl of Quang Noodle includes wide rice noodle, rich and flavored broth, slices of pork, peanuts, scallions, and fresh local vegetables which include lettuce, mint basil, and chopped banana flower.

Banh mi Hoi An

Banh Mi is the iconic street food of Vietnam. However, only Hoi An Banh Mi is recognized to be the best sandwich in the world. Be careful, with the best ingredients and best species, Hoi An Banh Mi can make you addict it. What are you waiting for? Get to Hoi An and try the best sandwich in the world.

Tube popsicle

Time for dessert! A cool and sweet tube popsicle will complete the meal. There are a lot of flavors, but chocolate, coconut, vanilla are the most popular. You can choose other exotic flavors such as red bull energy drink flavor or coke flavor.

Banh Xeo

It is not a must-eat dish in Hoi An but it is worth to check out. Banh xeo, a Vietnamese style crepe, usually come with shrimps rather than pork or beef. It is also involve bean sprouts. People uaually try Banh Xeo when it is hot with a bowl of fish sause, chili, garlic and vegetables.

Che Bap (sweet corn soup)

There is nothing better than sitting down for enjoying Che Bap, one of favourite desserts, after a few hours walking around the ancient town. When the natural sweet taste of corn planted in Cam Nam cillage and coconut milk melt in your mouth, the tiredness will go away. Therefore, it can be eaten hot and cold. What's a nice combination within young corn and coconut milk.

White rose dumplings

You will not have a total experience with Hoi An's food if you do not taste local specialties Banh Bao and Banh Vac. Rice is the main ingredient for making the two kinds of dumplings, and both are always served on the same dish and share the same sause. Banh vac often come with ground shrimps, crusjed pepper, garlic, onions, lemongrass and esoteric species. Perhaps the species are the reason why dumplings can only be delicious in Hoi An.

Did you fall in love with Hoi An street food yet? Try our Hoi An food tour to find the best street food stall and explore Hoi An cuisine with amazing local people, or even learn how to make these foods yourself with our Hoi An cooking class tour:

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