Good Wines must try in Sapa in This Winter

Nga Do
Have you ever been to Sapa Vietnam in a winter and experienced the interesting things from this land yet? And what make you feel the most deeply impressed? The best feeling about this land I've been through is enjoying a special wine called corn wine in the cold weather of winter. It's really impressive, its taste makes me so obsessed now.

As you know, Sapa is well-known for the splendid view of terraced rice field which make tourist in no doubt fall for from the very first sight. Besides the beautiful golden of ripe rice, you can also see the fresh green of the corn field. Just like its appearance, not very stunning or special but its silent contribution in the colorful cuisine of Sapa will make you impressive.

Come to Sapa, you come to the land of tradition not only about the culture but also the art of culinary. But don’t forget about drinks which plays such an important role in the daily life and spiritual life of the residents. Talking about that we can count Tao meo wine, San Lung wine… and of course corn wine Ban Pho, simple but special.

Ban Pho village – a mountainous commune of Bac Ha district is one of major tourist attractions in Sapa thanks to not only natural landscape but also its unique specialties, especially visiting traditional winemaking village to enjoy special corn wine of the H’Mong is absolutely an interesting experience here. 

One of the traditional handicrafts in Ban Pho is fabric weaving with cotton and linen as main inputs. Local people living here wear clothes which are woven by themselves. Travellers might find it a little bit strange, like I did, as they discover the fact that girl’s dresses are very eye-catching with colorful vignettes while men mostly wear dark clothes. People in Ban Pho live mainly on rice farming, fabric weaving and planting of medicinal plants. If you visit the village when people are cooking, you will be surprised when seeing many strings of pork, beef, etc are being hung on the kitchen ceiling. That is how Ban Pho people make their own bacon.

The famous handmade corn wine is a very special boozy drink of the upland northwestern Vietnam. The ingredient to make this special wine must have the best quality with the yellow and round seed, the tasty and sweet flavor. After collected, corns are dried in the sun about 1-2 day then hung in the kitchen for preservation and making wine. To make the distinct liquor, firstly people have to boil the whole corn with the husk in a period of time, then get rid of the outside and let them get cool before fermenting.

People in this area use a wild plant named Hong Mi for fermenting. The secret key to make this wine is about the ration between corn and the specific yeast. In about a week people leave the corn in a cool and dry place to make sure a “white layer” covering the mix then stuff it in the barrel. After 5-6 days, it’s ready for distillation for the legendary corn wine.

As a matter of fact, besides Tao meo wine, corn wine is the soul of the cuisine in Sapa. Not only well-known as a special drink in the daily meal or a traditional ceremony but also the representative for the hospitality of the host toward guest. This liquor symbolize the combination of the quintessence of the nature and the traditional art of making wine handed down generation to generation.

Homemade corn wine is no doubt the highlight of Sapa cuisine as well as the quintessence of the traditional culture and custom, one of the beverages is passionate about wine hunting every time to Sapa, do don’t let yourself miss a chance to taste this symbolic boozy drink. Discover more about Sapa at:

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