Top 3 Most Fantastic Homestay in Ha Giang Stone Plateau

Nga Do
Among the highest latitudes of Vietnam, Ha Giang is undoubtedly a great destination for the sightseeing of grandiose mountainous landscapes. Ha Giang’s residents consist mainly of ethnic minorities with a major of Hmong, Tay, Yao and Nung ethnic groups. Thanks to this ethnical diversity, nowhere can one see more fusing traditions than Ha Giang. Each of the ethnic group has its own unique custom in term of wedding, worship, festivals or funeral.

Located about 320 km north of Ha Noi, Ha Giang is home to spectacular, majestic and unique culture, following us to explore this culture through our homestay experience. Some homestay highlights from our experience you can refer to:

# 1. Auberge de Meovac

Located in a semi-rural neighborhoods around 500m from the Dong Van town, the Auberge de Meo Vac Mountain Lodge is in a lovingly restored ethnic minority house dating from the 19th century. Look forward to clay walls, lots of natural timber and a spacious inner courtyard. 

Auberge de Meo Vac is a new facility that truly unusual. It is in the old house of a former Hmong notable, with adobe walls 80 cm thick, red tile roofs, antique beams. The total 5 rooms and a small dormitory, very stylish separate showers. Bar and restaurant opening on the old paved courtyard, and a fouled small details that make the big houses. Auberge de Meo Vac offers exclusive trekking day in the stunning river canyon Ngo Que.

# 2 Dao Lodge

Dao Lodge is located in the heart of Nam Dam and Dao Cultural Village, Quan Ba district with nearly 100% of Dao ethnic people. Featuring traditional and vernacular architecture, Dao Lodge is considered as a unique architectural work in Northern Vietnam. The entire 1st floor of the house was built from the earth, quite literally. The walls are made of sand, water, clay and straw. The second floor is made of wood with bright glass panels, The tile roof is bent as the Swallow 's symbol - which is abundant here. The roof is held up with wood beams. From Dao Lodge, you can go trekking and experience the daily lives of local ethnic groups and natural landscapes with local guides. You can also go hiking and cycling and bike hire is available. Lunch and dinner can be served with orders in advance.

# 3 Homestay Hạ Thành

Located in the heart of Ha Thanh hamlet - Phuong Do Village and just 6 kilometer from Ha Giang city, Ha Thanh homestay is an unexplored villages that is not listed on any travel map. Ha Thanh home-stay was built in the typical architectural style of the region, and consists of a living room, a kitchen and a large reception room decorated with children’s school certificates. The family is friendly and open, service is truly from the heart. We sure you will love to stay at Ha Thanh homestay and enjoy their unique culture. 

Ha Thanh homestay offers a place to relax before exploring key tourism destinations in Ha Giang province. It belongs to the Tay ethnic people who have well-preserved authentic culture. Green Discovery Indochina, however, acknowledges that your aim to Ha Giang is to meet ethnic people and to experience rich indigenous culture. It is the main reason why we tried to find a good place named Ha Thanh home-stay in Ha Thanh hamlet to meet your needs for a real adventure. 

There are some interesting activities that you can do when stay at Ha Thanh homestay: Experience local life with the host family, trekking around Ha Thanh village to explore the peaceful surroundings, landscapes and the daily life of Tay ethnic peoples.

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