Trekking & Homestay in Sapa

Nga Do
Come to Sapa, tourists can not miss the trekking tour, forest or mountain tours to discover nature as well as the life of indigenous people, explore the majestic beauty of the terraced fields, mountains or waterfalls. The itinerary is often combined with Homestay.

Trekking around the town of Sapa

Start the journey from the center of the town. A peaceful and beautiful place, Sapa is somewhat like Hanoi because of the ancient buildings built in the French colonial period. It will take you only a few hours to walk around this small town.

Explore the cultural life of ethnic minorities

Sapa is inhabited by several ethnic minorities, of which H'Mong is the majority. When you come here, ethnic women will accompany you around the mountains and introduce the brocade that they make themselves. You can easily communicate with them in English. This is a good opportunity to explore the culture and life of the locals.

Hoang Lien Son mountain range

If you want a mountaineering tour, definitely not to miss the Hoang Lien Son Range. You will admire the majestic views of the mountains. The beautiful scenery appears after each step.

Spectacular nature

As a nature lover, You will be immersed in the beauty of the Hoang Lien Mountains. Trek through the jungle, bushy terraced fields and explore the beautiful waterfalls hidden deep in the forest. If you like taking pictures, you should not miss this place on your trip. In addition, the natural landscape of Sapa is also prominent. You will be fascinated by the majestic beauty but also full of charm and poetic here.

End the day with amazing sunset views and live with local people in their homes.

Nothing is more interesting than watching the sunset from the top of the mountain. You will also find the town of Sapa hidden under the fog of fanciful and attractive. With homestay tours will certainly bring you more enjoyable experience when traveling Sapa. It is said that this is the homestay attraction that attracts the most tourists in Sapa. Here you can see the majestic mountains of Hoang Lien Son and Muong Hoa Valley scenic beauty, extremely romantic. At homestays in Sapa, you can experience the real life of almost 5 different ethnic groups from traditional costumes to everyday cooking with simple utensils. nature,…

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