Top 5 dishes for cold season make you want to carry suitcase to Sapa to satisfy the craving

Nga Do
If you go to Sapa dont forget to try local food even that local market one is realy delicious. Vietnamese cuisine is definitely one of the best in Asia. Grilled meatballs, salmon hot pot and five-color sticky rice are the dishes that tourists want to return to Sa Pa to enjoy the cold weather.

1. Salmon hotpot

Salmon is now being raised in many parts of Vietnam, but Sa Pa is most famous for this dish. The meat is firm, no fat, fresh, pink, soft and fat, sweet, the best is to dip hot pot. Fish is collected in the tank and then processed for fresh. The price is about 600,000 VND per kg

2. Barbecue

There are not many places where the menu of grilled dishes is as abundant as in Sa Pa. Not only beef, pork or sausage, but also fish, heart, stomach, sweet potatoes, vegetables to bake. Depending on the type of each skewers are different prices, on average about 10,000 VND. The most interesting of this dish is the customers choose the skewers and wait for the owner baked cooked, to enjoy the warm, delicious, aromatic.

3. Chestnut

Sa Pa forest chestnuts, also known as almonds, are often roasted at high temperatures with salt or butter, which can be so long that many shoppers buy them for gift. Price 200,000 VND per kg. In addition, you can also enjoy chestnut like in Chongqing or China, yellow pulp, sweet, odor, price 80,000 VND per kg. This type of hot food is the best

4. Eggs of northern medicine

This is one of the unique dishes of Sapa people. Chicken or egg yolks are cooked in a saucepan with northern medicine within 24 hours. When eating, the egg white brown, smell of medicine, eat very strange mouth. This dish can be snack, very nutritious. Price 50,000 - 100,000 VND 10 eggs.

5. Five-color sticky rice

This breakfast is served at a number of restaurants, street vendors or markets. However, often the street vendors do not have enough 5 colors. There are five different colors, including red, yellow, blue, purple and white. The color of the sticky rice is obtained by natural leaves. This is a specialty of Tay people in Sapa.

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