A fascinatingly beautiful "Dalat in the North West"

Nga Do
The pine forest of Ang Village is in Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province. This is called "Da Lat of Northwest", with beautiful scenery. The most romantic scenery in Ang village is at the beginning of January or the end of Autum

Only a few kilometers away from Moc Chau town, Ang village still retains its wild, attractive character. With two natural lakes 750m2 and 4,000m2 adjacent to the pine forest has made this place a beautiful natural scenery.

Ang village up with traditional stilt houses hidden inside the green trees, winding stream. Visit ecotourism area of ​​pine forest lake, visitors will not surprised from the beauty of the lake of 5 hectares of pine forest sits with 43 ha of land stretching across hills brown red feralite constitute natural landscape wonderful.

Moc Chau plateau climate seems increasingly make up looks magical, shimmering for the Ang pine forest lake. Early morning, the lake quiet pine forest, lake pristine fog layer jacket that visitors open immersed in nature. Sunshine on the lake “new clothes” brilliant. Evening, fog pull back, chilly like daydreaming and wandering footsteps, lessen the noise of everyday life. Most beautiful moonlit night, glossy shine down through the lake, known through sowing of weapons, echoing somewhere flute called mates.

The landscape is as romantic as in a forest in Europe. This is an ideal tourist destination, suitable for "phuot" people and the romantic boys, girls who look for this space to drop soul into the mountain. With more than 43 hectares of pine forest, including two types of local pine and Da Lat pine, pine forest in Ang village spreads stretches on the hills of Feralit red brown, creating Ang village a beautiful landscape. Come to Ang village, visitors can experience the activities with Thai people, traditional stilt house, enjoying the food from the natural materials, mountain forest and sleeping among fragrant smell of the forest.

Located bordering the town but people remain the focus of Ang gentle and hospitable. The traditional cultural customs are kept to the floor roof, the call tone impulse spread, folk melodies, the festival “Celebrate the new rice” “Out Cha” … When the flowers bloom White northwestern mountains, blossoms bloom plated gold, fellow festival again “Out Cha” – forms of spiritual and cultural activities, deeply religious, conscious community cohesion, side by side confidently entered the new season; village communities unite before spring into, of all things season grasses bud, the flowers blooming season of white woods, season vitality of love couple. This is also the earth Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving birth, reformatories, wish for harmony of all things, proliferation, peaceful life, peace and happiness. The festival is an opportunity for the Thai ethnic people expressed solidarity community, help each other get ahead in life.

In the Ang retains many traditional wicker, cushions kapok, especially weaving. Hand “peeled like slender white” ingenuity of beautiful Thai girl, hardworking weaving brocade products colorful, delicate motifs and diverse. Weaving here is investment and development associated with the formation of village tourism; pieu towel products, Virtual COM, handbags, curtains, tablecloths …. gradually created brand Sang Dong Brocade products.

Coming to the Ang, visitors get to experience living with Thai people, in traditional stilt houses, deep sleep when lying cushions kapok, enjoy specialty dishes. From natural materials, produce mountains, where people can process 40-50 different kinds of food, such as rice, as pa pinh Top (grilled fish), smoked meat, “distant love , yeast leaves, bamboo fish “and can not forget the taste while enjoying the forest … In yeast salad jars of wine drunk, was the fist within fanned the fire flickering campfires between disasters natural pine forest lake poetic. Throbbing drums, guitar sound, the sound of praise mentoring, traditional dances and folk songs lyrical, food, beverage flavor northwestern mountains and many things more exciting is inviting to this attractive tourist destination.

Independent annual Tet, the Ang was chosen as one of the many activities organized cultural tourism attracts thousands of tourists. Here reappear festival “Empty Cha”, held within fanned, campfire, camping culture, organization of cultural cuisine, showcasing Brocade, production tools …

Currently, the Ang resorts, lake pine forests are being planned with size 62 ha, serving the needs of entertainment, weekend travel and other services. Moc Chau district is calling, there are policies that encourage investors to develop tourism. Promising future of Ang resorts, lake pine forests will become more attractive and attract many tourists Moc Chau further.

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