What should you visit when travelling in Halong Bay?

Nga Do
Come to Halong Bay, you have a wide variety of options for places to visit, such as exploring the bay, relaxing in the resort, admirngi the island, visit the fishing village, discovering caves...

It depends on the vehicle you choose when travelling in Halong Bay. If you choose to transfer by Halong Bay Cruise, you can enjoy the islets, islands, explore caves and remote beaches in Halong Bay and discovering fishing villages:

With a Halong Bay Cruise, you can admire many beautiful islands, especially the islands with different shapes: the island is like a dragon flying - Dragon, then two chickens are playing on water waves - Fighting Cocks; Or an island is like an old man fishing - La Vong island ...

With a Halong Bay Cruise, you also visit a huge cave system including Luon Cave located on the island of Bo Hon which is about 14km far from Bai Chay Beach. In this cave, you can watch the stalactite dolls in many shapes and sizes. Also located in Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave is the most famous cave in Halong Bay with a fossilized stalactite crag in abundant shapes. In addition, Thien Cung Cave is amaing cave which makes visitors seem as staying in heaven.

With a Halong Bay Cruise, you can even visit fishing villages, like Cua Van, Vung Vieng... You can study about the daily life of fishermen.

With a Halong Bay Cruise, you can approach some remote areas like Three Peach Beach, Monkey Beach... That's truly wonderful experiences for those who like adventure.

If you choose to transfer by bus, you also enjoy so many interesting spots:

Bai Chay Beach is the spot which is not missed in Halong Bay. Located along the banks of Halong Bay, it is suitable for swimming and relaxing.

Co To Island with beautiful coral reefs, this place retains the wild and peaceful features among the bustling Halong Bay.

Tuan Chau Island is considered the most beautiful island in Halong Bay and also has the largest population. Here, depart from the sea walk, you can participate in exciting underwater games.

Yen Tu ruins, if you like to go to the ceremony, visit Yen Tu Pagoda, where the system of pagodas and towers mixed with nature creates a quiet and peaceful environment between a busy bustle Halong Bay.

Sun World recreational area Halong Park has an area of 214ha, is a complex of amusement park world-class.

It is not accidental that tourists confirmed "No trip to Vietnam is complete without a visit to Halong Bay". Choosing Ha Long Bay for your holiday in Vietnam is the best thing to experience the most unique in this S-shaped country.

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