Top 5 romantic destinations for couples in christmas season in Vietnam

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Vietnam is famous not only for the ancient and modern destinations, but also for the romantic tourist attractions for those who love the romance, own the artistic characteristics and get fond of exploring all aspects of Vietnamese tourism or for couples in their memorable honeymoons. The following are 5 most romantic destinations in Vietnam that you can apply for Christmas holidays this year.

Top 5 romantic destinations for couples in christmas season in Vietnam
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1. Romantic fog town - Sapa

Sapa tours for Christmas and New Year are hot not only because visitors enjoy the cold, but also because they want to be at Stone Church. Christmas, foggy church, sometimes beautiful white snow.

Sapa Christmas season is like a miniature European, romantic. The shops are decorated with colorful pine trees. Guests can also join in with the parishioners at the church. Sapa every spring is the paradise of brilliant peach blossom, white plum blossom, flowers he pear pure. The fields of vegetables, yellow suits bright colors for Sapa forest mountain added splendor among clouds.

2. Halong Bay

Beside Sapa, Halong is also an attractive destination for couples. Although there is no cold climate like Sapa, no shimmering electric lights, not busy as bustling in big cities but Noel where to go on Ha Long Bay makes you feel comfortable.

Fresh air, quiet space with beautiful scenery, blue sky surrounded by water will help the couple find a private place.

3. Dalat - Love city

The most attractive destinations in this Christmas also include Da Lat. Ever in December, Dalat is also colder than other months and brilliant with thousands of species such as sunflowers, wild sunflower  ...

To enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in Dalat, you can take a stroll in the center of the city or rent bikes around the shores of Xuan Huong Lake and stop at the Chicken Church.

Imagine, two hands in hand walking on the road with two sides of the road is the wildflowers are blooming with fresh breath of fresh air, early morning plateau. Afterwards, enjoying a hot coffee and feeling slowly from the cold of Da Lat during the Christmas season, this will be a memorable holiday for the couple.

4. Pearl Island Phu Quoc

A trip to Phu Quoc to experience the cold of the night is also an interesting experience couples should try. If in the big cities, you admire the magnificent beauty of the buildings are decorated brilliant, in Phu Quoc beautiful beaches of charming as Bai Sao, Bai Dai, Bai Khem ... will help couples There is a special holiday season.

With nearly 1 hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, young people have been able to come to the beautiful jade island in South Vietnam. Phu Quoc is also one of the favorite choices of many young people by pristine landscapes, delicious food and friendly people.

5. Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

Located about 22 km from the city center of Phan Thiet to the northeast, Mui Ne is one of the most beautiful and romantic ecological tourist areas of Binh Thuan province in particular and of Vietnam in general. It’s interesting to soak in the warm clean blue water, stay out on the sunny stretching sandbank here or lie under the large canopies of coconut leaves and enjoy the fresh air and the cool wind of this nice beach. Mui Ne features the year-round temperate climate; especially, this land is famous for the most beautiful beach of the Southeast Asia and many luxurious resorts that are extremely suitable for your holiday with your family, darling or friends. The scenery in Mui Ne is so romantic, quiet and sweet for anyone who wants to spend their time on relaxing and taking a rest after the hard-working days, typically, this is exceedingly proper for the sugary honeymoons.

Winter holiday to Vietnam is a great opportunities for you to share a memorable vacation far from the cold nights in the Europe or other cold destinations around the world. The country is an ideal destination for your relaxing winter vacation. Christmas holidays are always one of the most popular times for anyone who is willing to travel and get far away from the stressed life in the western society.

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