5 local dishes must-try when coming to Hue

Nga Do
nest chefs in the empire and to move them to Hue. This movement of chefs from the different regions of Vietnam allowed for the fusing of many new and different regional flavors and textures with the more traditional Hue dishes. There are some nice restaurants southeast of the Perfume River as well as on the Citadel side of the river. Downtown Hue has some tourist restaurants with typical western food (pizza and pasta), but many visitors prefer to stick to local dishes as they are outstanding and delicious.

1. Bun Bo Hue

The central Vietnamese city of Hue, once the capital of Vietnam and still known as the Imperial City, has a distinctive cuisine full of diminutive rolls, savory pancakes, dumplings, skewers and other snacky bites. (You can see a photo gallery of such dishes here.) Standing in contrast is the mighty Bun Bo Hue, a soup that starts with pork and beef bones, gets a kick from lemongrass, annatto and shrimp paste, and finishes the job with a tangle of herbs, a squeeze of lime and a few delicious add-ons like sliced brisket, crab balls and, in some cases, cubes of congealed pig’s blood.

2. Hen Rice

This is a folk dish so you will not be hard to find a mussel restaurant in Hue as most of this dish is present everywhere, from eateries in the market, outside the street or even in small hamlets and apartment buildings. Hen rice is actually a short name, typical of Hue people, as most of the restaurants often sell Hen noodles, Hen noodles, sometimes with Hen porridge, so you can try to taste these dishes to know their flavor.

3. Cakes: Bèo, Nậm, Lọc

One of the best dishes at the top of Hue's famous specialties are cakes such as Bèo, Nậm, Lọc, Ram, Ít. One of the secrets to making these cakes is sauce. Sauce mixes sugar, chili, garlic to create sweet and fragrant spicy. Each type has the formula, how to do different, but they bring in the philosophy of Hue cuisine: ingenious, ingenious way of processing, delicate in decorating, displaying the popular dishes the famous specialties.

4. Sour Shrimp Sauce

The central of Vietnam is reputable for its Sour Shrimp Sauce and Hue is the best place for this unique sauce. Unlike normal shrimp sauce (has brown color and smooth surface), Sour shrimp sauce has orange color while shrimps still keep its original shape. It is quite simple to make this sauce. First, shrimps are clean by salt water (do not use normal water to avoid bad smells) and “cook” by strong rice wine. The shrimps will turn red. After that, carefully mix the shrimps with sticky rice, sliced lesser galangal, garlic and chili. Slowly put all the mixture into a jar covered by guava leaves. Just need to wait for 5-7 days and we have the mouthwatering sour shrimp sauce of our own making. This is the best sauce for boiled pork with vermicelli.

5. Hue Sweet soup (Chè Huế)

As a former capital, the royal cuisine of Hue city is a special feature for any tourist. Many people know about savory royal dishes like beo, nam, loc. However, the royal vibe can also be found in Hue desserts, especially Hue Sweet Soup, or Che Hue, the famous dessert of Hue city.

There are many Hue Sweet Soup flavor, a normal Hue Sweet Soup vendor can have up to 20 different flavors to choose from. The ingredients are mostly beans, fruits, corn, sweet potatoes and many other exotic Asian ingredients. You may be surprised of the custom of having beans for desserts, but you will probably love it once you try.

Hue cuisine is very colorful whether you try savory dishes or sweet desserts. Therefore, once coming here, you should try everything. If you are still afraid of trying the bad food or eating in the wrong place, take a motorbike food tour to enjoy the safest and tastiest dishes in Hue with a local friend. Your holiday in Vietnam will be really enjoyable.

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