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Sapa, also known as Sa Pa, is a famous tourist attraction in the northern part of Vietnam. Regarded as being the Queen of the Mountains, Sapa town is considered as the gate way to another mysterious world of minority cultures, and luscious landscapes. This place is also an ideal retreat after the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. Being surrounded by beautiful valleys, lofty mountains, Sapa has a lot of spectacular sceneries surrounding, such as cascading rice terraces spilling down the mountains that offers great chances for taking iconic photos. Sapa tourism has become a familiar destination for many worldwide traveler. So, what special things of Sapa leave so strong impression in the hearts of tourists? This article will be the complete answer to these problems.
Conquering Fansipan - "Roof of Indochina"

The highest mountain in Viet Nam, Fansipan, located in the northern province of Lao Cai, is a dream destination for adventurous Vietnamese youths. To reach the peak at 3,143 metres, we began our journey at Tram Ton Pass, which is about 16km from Sa Pa Town. The pass is considered the shortest way to the top of Fansipan dubbed “the Roof of Indochina”. Reaching this Indochina roof after overcoming difficulties may not just give you the absolute victory feeling but certainly bring you with breathtaking natural scenes, spectacular beauty of clouds on Hoang Lien Mountains and cultural life moment of ethnic minorities in the Northwest area.

Discover Sapa by bike

Sapa biking tours is an interesting type of tourism. There is nothing quite like viewing the spectacular scenery while discovering the daily life of ethnic minorities and participating in some of interesting activities that Sapa can offer. Biking around villages will be one of interesting experiences you can’t forget.

And Muong Hoa valley is one of the most famous destination for breathtaking scenery. This valley lies between two high ranges of mountains running in parallel south-east of SaPa town. It is particularly in this valley is the ancient stone engraved with different shapes, situated in between the grass and the terraced rice fields of ethnic, and interesting things is visitor will discover and admire the most beautiful scenery at here by biking.

Join the Sapa homestay experience

Homestay is a good idea to explore the local people life and culture. Sapa homestay is now one of the interesting and attractive travels, which are selected and experienced by many visitors. This is a wonderful experience in the Sapa trip, bringing new and strange feeling to visitors.

Enjoy the impressive highland markets

Local Markets have thousands peoples from different ethnic groups in their colorful traditional costumes who gather at regional markets for their most important event of the week. Everyone will quickly absorbed by festive atmosphere and understand the important role of these markets in spiritual life of local ethnic peoples. This is a can't be missed experience offered by our Sapa Market Excursions which are made for those who are interested in discovering new cultures and especially for photo hunters.

A luxury holiday in Sapa

Luxury Holiday Packages tours includes the international high standard services and selected visiting programs, and will satisfy Sapa holiday makers who wish to enjoy their vacation in comfort.

Great trek around tribes hill

Trekking is a great way to go through remote villages and experience the real life of local ethnics in Sapa. Sapa Trekking Tour offers us a great trek down to Muong Hoa valley, the home of many ethnic groups with their beautiful terraced rice fields.You will get to know their lifestyles & authentic cultures; have time interacting with locals.

Sapa was famous as hill stations developed by the French in early 20th century. Travelling to Sapa, beside relaxing yourselves in Sapa's cool climate, view stunning landscapes of mountains, valleys & clouds, you can do a few days trekking to different remote villages of local ethnics in the region.

Enjoy Sapa classic tours 

Classic Sapa Tour is a popular journey to discover the beautiful attractions of Sapa with a light trek to beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the home to many of local ethnics in the region, with interesting cultural exchanges with friendly locals. You will experience how different they are in many ways by visiting the local house. The night you spend in Tavan village, the unique village in Sapa area where Giay minority live, will be an excellent experience.

Sapa travel short days

This tour is designed for travelers who want to spend short day in Sapa, aiming to: Save time, visit the most popular travel sites in Sapa by easy trekking, stay overnight in a comfortable hotel, to discover the pristine beauty of Sapa as well as the life of the people here.

If you would like to have more informations or book other tours, you can contacts us at adress email: vietnamtypicaltour@gmail.com

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