The Shortest Route For The Journey To Conquer Fansipan

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Locating nearby Sapa town in Lao Cai, Fansipan Peak is famous to almost travellers for its height 3143m as the roof of Indochina. Reaching this Indochina roof after overcoming difficulties may not just give you the absolute victory feeling but certainly bring you with breathtaking natural scenes, spectacular beauty of clouds on Hoang Lien Mountains and cultural life moment of ethnic minorities in the Northwest area.

The Shortest Route For The Journey To Conquer Fansipan
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There are three popular routes to Fansipan, with different types of terrain and lengths. Depending on time, the Management Board of Hoang Lien National Park allows you to take the appropriate route.

Route options to consider

Of course, it is highly advised to begin your journey with an excellent guide who can show you where to go, give advice and let you know what should not be missed. Most of the treks often last a few days! Then, be prepared for food and camping, too! Based on your time and skill level, there are 3 main route options as follow.

Easy Route

You may begin from Tram Ton with the long distance of 1900 meters. It takes about 10 hours to reach the summit. Luckily, this hike can be done in just one day!

Medium Route

Your trekking will start from San Sa to Ban Sin Chai with the long distance of 1260 meters. It takes about 12 hours to get to the final destination. The journey is challenging and difficult where you must even scramble.

Difficult Route

The beginning point is at Cat Cat village. To reach the peak, it can take about 18 hours with the long distance of 1245 meters. Although the route is really challenging and daunting, it rewards you with imposing views and unforgettable experiences. Remember that no pain, no gain!

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