Conditions Required When Climbing Mount Fansipan

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Climbing Fansipan is a type of adventurous tourism. Fansipan peak is high 3,143 meters compares to sea level so tourists will get many difficulties and risk; so before climbing Fansipan Mountain, tourists need to prepare necessary tools and you’d better ask local residents to join in the journey and lead you to the peak of Fansipan safely.

Conditions Required When Climbing Mount Fansipan
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Mount Fansipan is the highest peak in Vietnam, towering above the Hoàng Liên Son mountain range in the far north of the country. The hike will take you through misty bamboo forests and over golden rice terraces, all the way up and above the clouds. If you choose to climb Fansipan you’ll spend time in beautiful Sapa, mingling with diverse hill tribe members and experiencing some truly incredible mountain scenery.

You’ll get some fun ridge walks with panoramic views. Plus Fansipan doesn’t require any technical skill (no ropes or special equipment, just sturdy hiking boots!), but it still offers a challenge to those who want one, especially on the more difficult routes.

To get the most perfect journey you must prepare yourself all, from health, personal belongings, food, water and some other papers. In particular, you should note that Fansipan climbing license. If without it, surely you will not be able to continue the journey.

Before climbing, you need to go to Hoang Lien Ecotourism and Environmental Education Center to apply for a permit. The center is on the way down to Cat Cat tourist resort in San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa district. In addition, you also have to pay 150,000 VND for the Fansipan mountaineering and some fees such as insurance, cleaning, supervision, accommodation ...

I have just shared some informations to climb Fansipan- the top of Indochina to tourists who have intention conquering Fansipan peak. I really hope that these informations will be useful for you and your group during the journey of conquering Fansipan as conquering yourself.

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