Things To Keep In Mind When Climbing Mount Fansipan

Nga Do
Trekking up to the top of the highest mount to hug that triangle metal piece saying “Fansipan 3,143m” has become a long time tradition among young Vietnamese people. And obviously, Fansipan is also a kind of tourist attraction since it is very close to Sapa, a famous destination for tourists in the North of Vietnam, and a few adventurous and athletic travelers love to combine their Sapa trip with this Fansipan Mount trekking. However, the process of conquering Fansipan is not so easy, so below are some things to keep in mind.

Things To Keep In Mind When Climbing Mount Fansipan
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1. Health

If you don’t do exercise very often then I’m telling you that you need to do exercise intensively at least 1 or 2 weeks before the trip because it’s going to be brutal rock climbing, 15km up and 15km down, so don’t expect any leisure! And be prepared: there is no fun about this trip, you will just climb up and down, but there’s nothing on top of the mountain, there’s only that metal little thing and the pride of conquering the toughest route ever.

The hike should not be suitable for those who have heart disease and high blood pressure. Make sure you have strong spirit and willpower that make you have more chance of success.

2. Luggage to carry

– Bring warm clothes! Trust me, it’s freezing up there during night time (if you feel athletic you can do the trek within a day, but if not then you’ll have to spend one night in a camp at the height of 2,800m).

– Bring as few things in your backpack as possible, only necessary stuff (such as warm clothes, new socks, scarf, and flash light that can be tightened on your forehead in case you have to go in the dark). It is not easy climbing up with a heavy backpack behind, because the porters have to bring a lot of things on the way up and will not offer carrying the backpack for you. However, there are things you indispensable that is water and dry food, especially you should bring plenty of water.

– Wear sports shoes that can stick, your life depends on it! The rocks are super slippery.

3. Choose the best time to go

Before deciding to book a tour, you should consult with a travel consultant or consult the web site for the best time to go. If you choose to conquer Fansipan in bad weather, you will probably have to cancel your trip.

– Best time to do this whole trekking thing is April and May when the weather is good, not cold (and especially) not rainy, and you will also have a clear view of the beautiful valley with flowers in bloom.

– Avoid hiking from June to September. It’s the rainy season and makes for very wet, difficult climbing (plus it’s outright dangerous!).

4. Other tips

– Be highly aware of protecting the forest and the environment. Never throw off litter on the road. Follow what Hoang Lien National Garden asks for!

– Always think positively. During the trek, some of you can feel exhausted and even want to give up! But, instead of quitting, let’s think about the moment when you reach the peak of the mountain and have an unforgettable memory!

– Avoid reaching under rocks or moving grassy areas because these places are home to snakes and scorpions. Be careful!

– We do recommend that you go with a guide. However, if you choose to go with just friends, then keep these safety tips in mind.

– GPS devices should be able to get a signal for most of the hike, so use one to keep your bearings (plus there are apps that will track your route, so you can show people later!).

– If you do get lost– Find an area that is flat and high up to make a signal fire. Fresh wood will make the most smoke.

– Follow along streams to reach water sources (which is where you can be sure to find people!).

Wish you have wonderful experiences in the journey to conquer the "Roof of the Indochina".

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