Ta Dung Lake - Miniature Ha Long Bay of The Highlands

Nga Do
If you are in the south of Vietnam and don’t have enough time to move to the north to experience Halong Bay cruise – the wonderful masterpiece of nature, you still have a chance to experience its copy in the Central highlands. It is Ta Dung preservation center which is considered a miniature of Halong Bay.

Located deep between Dak Nong plateau and Di Linh, with its 36 magnificent islands and its highest peak at 1982 meters, this completely isolated lake is a masterpiece of nature.

Ta Dung Lake is a mountain valley near Ta Dung Mountain, Dak Som Commune, Dak G’long district, Dak Nong province. As a striking blue mirror surface among untouched Highland Mountains, it makes so many tourists captivate when arriving. Many people also nicknamed Ta Dung Lake as “Central Highland’s Ha Long Bay”

Overcoming the crooked and craggy steep mountain passes, your accomplishments that you get when arriving in Ta Dung lake is the sheer joy after seeing the spectacular natural scenery, but also very peaceful.

Between the mountains covered with trees, blue water shows up with small dunes and hills. In the early morning, you will wonder if you are lost to a distant land, no longer between the majestic Central Highlands plateau.

Coming to Ta Dung, people seem to forget the sorrow, immerse in flowers and trees, and just concentrate on the journey to discover nature, forests without any worries.

The journey to Lake Ta Dung is not too hard. After arriving in Gia Nghia town, going the extra distance of approximately 48 km along Highway 28 is to be the lake. The road is long, but easy to walk. If you run your car in the desolate mountain scenery along both sides, it will leave you with unforgettable experiences.

In the afternoon, when the sun dropped over the trees, some wind will sweep away all the worries and fatigue of everyday life. Leaving the dust in the city, only you are here with land and sky, freedom and peaceful nature.

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