What Are The Specialties of Mai Chau Valley?

Nga Do
Mai Chau is not only famous for its beautiful locations attracting thousands of visitors every year, but also known for delicious, unique and bold flavors of the countryside. Let Vietnam Typical Tours explore the cuisine of this mountainous region.
To Mai Chau, visitors must definitely enjoy the famous dishes: Com Lam, glutinous rice, grilled pork, Chicken hill, Grilled spring fish, Mai Ha wine...

Muong Pork

Muong Pork, also called “Pork cap nach” as it is so small, normally might just around 10kg that people can carry under their armpit. These pigs are raised in natural conditions, grazed in the wild woods with their main food is only plants and grass instead of industrial foods, as a result, Muong pork is lean, low fat, delicious and has a natural sweet taste while enjoying. This is one of the outstanding specialties of the mountainous area and an indispensable dish on the dining table when a Northwest family has visitors.

A kind of cooked glutinous rice (Xôi nếp nương)

Steamed sticky rice is one of Mai Chau specialties, indispensable in the tray of Thai ethnicity. Steamed sticky rice is a kind of glutinous rice grown by local people on terraced fields in the middle of the valley. Sticky rice is more flexible and fragrant than ordinary glutinous rice. Xoi is made from delicious glutinous rice rice, combined with other natural ingredients such as Gac, Com, green beans ... to create different colors. Strange mouth just catching eye.

Com Lam

Ingredients to cook Com Lam is not too picky, just small bamboo tubes filled with sticky rice and then grilled over an open fire. This dish is served with sesame salt. It might sound simple but actually making Com Lam requires the dexterity and the meticulousness of the cook. Rice is the most important ingredient, people often use a special type of rice that grown in the mountainous area with small grain and has unique fragrant.

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoot is a unique specialty of the northern mountainous region in Vietnam. Bamboo shoots grow all year round and most available in the rainy season. Mai Chau’s bamboo shoots through the skilled hands of the local people become many attractive dishes like stewed, boiled, sauteed bamboo shoots and most delicious might be grilled dish. If you want to enjoy a truly tasty bamboo shoots dish then you have to pick new bamboo sprouts. Grilled bamboo shoots is always a favorite dish of gourmet to Mai Chau

Mai Chau, has long become a popular tourist destination because of its rustic, peaceful beauty. Coming to Mai Chau, visitors have opportunity not only to see superb view of mountains, forests, hills,… but also eat unique specialties. Beside dishes above, Mai Chau’s food culture possess many other yummy specialties that visitors would want to taste. 

Visit Mai Chau to discover interesting destinations and culture as well as food of ethnic groups here.

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