The Secrets of Specialty Corn Wine "Bac Ha White Highlands"

Nga Do
Known as the most colorful market in the Northwest - Bac Ha Market - is a unique cultural convergence of 14 ethnic minority brothers: H'mong, Dzao, Zay, Tay .... A destination where visitors can experience many cultural features of upland people. "White Highland" is another name of Bac Ha after each plum blossom season, the white hills, slashing.

If you have the opportunity to come here do not forget to spend time visiting how to make corn wine, the wines have filled the hearts of boys and girls, with a distinctive flavor that few men can afford to miss when coming to Bac Ha. To get this special wine the local people must be very selective from the selection of maize varieties are grown on high mountains, corn must be golden yellow seeds are used to cook this wine. 

Maybe the combination of quintessence of sky and land of the mountainous are, hence the corn is very firm and nutritional here. Together with a special glaze from a type of seed like millet, Hmong people have created a unique wine which is not similar to any other wines of the West North mountain area.

Just uncork the bottle; you can know that is the Bac Ha corn wine. When the first drop of wine touches your lips, you would feel the heat running across the body. The feeling spread out so you just drink and being drunken without headache or dazzled. Perhaps, this is the secret to protect them from the coldness of mountainous area every winter.

Although wines are hot and torrid, but when drinking this wine, you could feel the quintessence of sky and land. People say Ban Pho village (village of Chinese Hmong people that is 4km from Bac Ha) has a precious and pure water resource which is Hang De spring. Therefore, people in Ban Pho could make such a nice wine. Corn wine and millet are mixed and being sullen in cast iron bucket for about one week.

Corn wine -  one of the distinctive, unique of the white highland market has attracted visitors to Sapa. And you, you have not drink it yet? Join a Sapa tour to discover the special flavor of this drink.

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