Bai Tho Mountain - A mountain of poetry and wonderful mysteries

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Halong Bay is a beautiful natural wonders of Vietnam, the famous tourist destination in the world, the choice of leading international and domestic customers. Many visitors have been memorable, unforgettable memories when you come to Ha Long once or several times through the diary, video and images, is the Bai Chay, Dau Go Cave, Trong Mai… and covered with many emotions to pleasurable … It should mention the Bai Tho Mountain - "telescope" of the city on the edge of the bay.

With an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, Bai Tho mountain is regarded as the "roof" of Ha Long city. Climbing Bai Tho (Poem) mountain, tourists can find about local history and explore imposing natural landscapes. In particular, from the "roof" of the city, visitors can see Ha Long city from a new angle, and feel the immensity and peacefulness of heaven and earth.

The former name of the mountain is Truyen Dang Mountain (also called Roi Den Mountain). It is not without reason that the mountain is called Roi Den. Long ago, the frontier soldiers on the mountain used to set a fire and lighten the beacon to show the signals for boats in the sea off. Until when the king Le Thanh Tong wrote a poem on the cliff of the Mountain, the name has changed up to now. 

Although it is not the highest mountain in this coastal city, the mountains are considered an ideal viewing spot in Ha Long Bay. Because of the road to climb up Bai Tho mountain lies in a small valley of the families in Hang Noi street, Bach Dang Ward, so few people know this road. The road is long but immerse. Fortunately, there are stone steps to climb. The traveler can relax and renewable your power to continue. Other sides of the road, there are hundreds of plants growing from the limestone cliffs. So, whenever you come to Bai Tho Mountain, the air is so refreshing. Beside melodiously bird singing, along the route to the top of the mountain you can see the goats and even naughty monkeys; blooming wild flowers and colorful butterflies float around you.

After about 30 minutes of climbing, you can put your feet on Bai Tho mountain. Apart from the poetry carved on the stone monument and flag poles, anyone who has or has not been to Ha long Bay will also be overwhelmed by the poetic and spectacular scenery. This seems to be a new perspective even to residents of the coastal city. Strongly standing at the top of Bai Tho mountain, you seem to become a giant; all the things under the mountain are small even mighty stone pillars on the bay. All the tiredness when climbing are faded out with the blowing wind and the fresh air. It is very fantastic!

If you have a tour to Ha Long Bay, you should is scheduled to visit Long Tien Pagoda and Bai Tho Mountain that is the best tour. You will be extremely proud to have set foot on the Bai Tho mountain – Halong Bay.

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