Northwest Autumn Picture

Nga Do
Each season in the North West brings a personal beauty. Did you know that, from September to December is the best time to come here? You will be immersed in the world full of fresh flowers, romantic and dreaming of the hills northwest.

1. "Yellow silk carpet" in Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai.

Located at the foot of Hoang Lien Mountain, at 1,000 meters above sea level, terraces at Mu Cang Chai (Mu Cang Chai) are like soft and graceful silk carpets. Mu Cang Chai terraced fields are more attractive when harvested in the dry season (September, October). At this time the flavor of the "golden sea" rice ripen as spread over the mountains and forests of the Northwest.

2. The golden season in Hoang Su Phi

On September and October every year, tourists will come here for hunting photos of rice ripen season. In this opportunity, coming to Hoang Su Phi, you will admire the spectacular natural scenery and stunning scenery of rice terraces in ripen season.

With mountainous terrain with a moderate slope and large width, Hoang Su Phi has contributed to the most beautiful terraced slopes of Vietnam.

3. Impressed with the beauty of terraces in Sa Pa - Lao Cai.

Mention to Sa Pa - a piece of natural land rich with friendly people will surely think of the image of the terraced fields to stack, stacked over each other across the mountain range to another. Like never break, interrupt.

Looking at Sa Pa terraced fields, it reminds visitors of a countryside with a good life, a beautiful "artificial" landscape. These fields, now become tourist attractions, become the "sacred land" that any visitor, photographer would like to take a once in a lifetime to capture the beautiful fascinated.

The Northwestern region of Vietnam which includes Son La, Lao Cai, Yen Bai and Lai Chau provinces with magnificent landscapes, comfortable weather, famous specialties, unique culture and friendly, hospitable people…are still awaiting visitors everywhere to explore!

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