The Charm Is Hidden In The Beauty Of Ba Be Lake

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Ba Be is one of the 100 largest freshwater lakes in the world, located in Ba Be National Park (Bac Kan province), which is recognized as a national tourist site of Vietnam with pristine beauty.
The Charm Is Hidden In The Beauty Of Ba Be Lake
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Located in Bac Can province, Ba Be Lake is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful natural lake in Vietnam. It is formed by three lakes connected into a single continuous body of water, stretching nearly 8 km north to south. As one of the world's biggest natural lakes, the surface area of Ba Be expands of 500ha during the wet season and never falls dry even at the peak of the dry season. The lake features crystal green water, beautiful islands, spectacular limestone cliffs and caves. It may take you a whole day boat trip to discover all the splendors the lake has to offer.

The lake was formed 200 million years ago from the special geological formations. At 145m altitude above sea level, the lake covers an area of ​​over 650 hectares of water surface, surrounded by limestone mountains with lots of caves and underground streams.

Local people call the Slam Pe is Ba Be Lake. This name comes from the lake where convergence of three rivers Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng. The lake has an average depth of 17-23m, 8 km at its widest, the lake bottom is covered with a thick layer of clay 200m. Because of this clay layer that water does not leak out, forming the lake. Ba Be Lake has a tremendous value in geology. This is expressed through a lot of caves, underground rivers formed up a lot of interesting attractions for tourists as Puong cave, Fairy Pond, Nang River, Dau Dang waterfall.

In the early morning, mist fly over the water and around mountains creating a mysterious beauty. And in the dazzling sun, this scenery becomes a charming picture of rivers and mountains, captivates even most discerning travelers. More romantic than with Tay girls dress in traditional cloths, hiding out on a small boat in the vast sky.

Coming to Ba Be Lake, visitors are offered lot for sightseeing including rivers, waterfalls, lakes, valleys and cave which are allocated amidst picturesque landscapes. Additionally, the lake is home to more than 30 animal species such as wild, pigs, bears, panthers, monkeys and birds as well as many of ancient trees, from which several varieties of precious wood are obtained. Join the discovery of the Ba Be Lake, you will have the experience unforgettable.

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