Moc Chau April - Dreaming Between The Green Tea Hill

Nga Do
One day you come back to Moc Chau Plateau in April, watch the vast green fields and the green tea buds open!
Talking about Moc Chau plateau, people often think about the verdant green tea hills, it become the endless inspiration for photographer and people travel. From Hanoi, Moc Chau is always an ideal choice for tourists wandering on the weekend. In any season, that name is never old and there is always something unexpected, so that the step traveler will come once will never be hesitated to return.

In April, Moc Chau is covered by the dark blue of large tea hills, the green color of the rice fields below the valley. Most visitors come here are surprised by the beauty of the green tea tree bowl over 1,000 meters above sea level. This gives visitors the impression of a peaceful, poetic plateau.

Besides, tourists also enjoy the flavor of the most famous tea of Moc Chau Plateau. It's San Tuyet - a few hundred years old tea tree here. There are also O Long tea, Kim Tuyen tea ... each have different taste but can not be mixed with other types of tea in the country, most of Moc Chau tea are exported abroad.

The large green tea hill has made Moc Chau become a romantic green pearl. And tea is also increasingly attached to the lives of the peoples here. Up to now, this tree is one of the symbols of Moc Chau plateau.

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