Beautiful Mai Chau Surprise In The Harvest Season

Nga Do
At harvest time, the whole Mai Chau valley - Hoa Binh province sink in the yellow of the season, all the fields are busy in laughter. Throughout the valley, it is easy to see the ethnic people who are carrying rice on the village road, making this place so romantic and beautiful.
Located in the northwest of Hoa Binh province, surrounded by mountains, Mai Chau is a land of convergence and exchange of many ethnic groups. And it is more unique when Mai Chau is the only district in Vietnam that has Thai red people.

Coming to Mai Chau valley in the harvest season, we will feel the aroma of rice, the yellow of the ripe rice is covered everywhere... peaceful beauty that pristine of the Northwest region in the season of nine rice that anyone who came in was also full of surprise, infatuated.

The perfect painting in Mai Chau as adorned by the green of the mountains, the yellow of the rice ... and more than the hands of laborers here hard-working filtering to create a peaceful and prosperous life.

The tranquil beauty, cultural identity is preserved Mai Chau is always the destination to invite travelers back, especially in the season of nine rice. Arrange and plan your visit to Mai Chau Valley, you can refer to the perfect Mai Chau valley tours at:

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