Beautiful flowers seasons in Dalat

Nga Do
Đà Lạt, the “Kingdom of Flowers” has countless varieties of flowers, from the roadside wild flowers to rare flowers. Here people can "see flowers at the gate" as they say, flowers are found everywhere: On the sidewalk, in the park, from the fence to the balcony of pretty houses... Coming to Đà Lạt to watch Flower is an exciting experience that should not be ignored/missed. 

Beautiful flowers seasons in Dalat:

WILD SUNFLOWERS: Not only marked the end of the wet season, when wild sunflowers bloom is the time visitors come to Dalat city, to be immersed with dreamlike scenes and above all to indulge in wild yellow of wild sunflowers. Wild sunflowers in Dalat is often grow into large dust along the hillside, along the road, or alternating between small gardens, adorned bright yellow spots between the green color of the beds of cabbage, carrots , potatoes. Sometimes they even crept around the empty lot around the house, decorated the house is situated on a hillside more poetic and romantic. Wild sunflowers season is very short, about 2-3 weeks, beginning in October, so if you want to watch this wild flower at their brightest, to Dalat in October is the appropriate time.

PURPLE PHOENIC FLOWERS : Purple phoenix flowers usually bloom in March, April. When the flowers bloom they show off their beautiful purple color, enthralling tourists and then when leaving they are filled with nostalgia. "The purple color has dyed the heaven / tomorrow, when we leave Đà Lạt our heart is filled with innermost feelings" (Tuyền Linh – Đà Lạt purple jacarandas). Currently, the Purple phoenix flowers are grown in Đà Lạt and create unique features only found in this city. Purple phoenix flowers are planted in the city but mostly found in Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai street, Nguyễn Văn Cừ street…

CHERRY BLOSSOMS: Cherry blossoms with intense fascination, have contributed to “Đà Lạt brand", and kept long-lasting memories in the hearts of tourists coming here in spring. Đà Lạt cherry blossoms are very special, with the trunk similar to that of the peach tree or the plum tree in the north but the blossoms have five-petal flowers like the apricot blossoms of the south. Cherry blossoms bloom signaling the return of spring, when the pink color illuminates the deep blue sky; then it’s spring which comes back to Langbian Highlands, too. Cherry trees are grown all over the city and on the city outskirts, creating inspiration for many artists; cherry blossoms go into poetry, music and are stunning images associated with Đà Lạt when spring comes. The following addresses offer the best positions to watch the blooming of cherry blossoms: Đa Lợi, Trần Hưng Đạo, Phó Đức Chính, Tương Phố, the road surrounding Xuân Hương lake, Tuyền Lâm lake.

MIMOSA FLOWERS: Mimosa symbolizes love and modesty, mimosa flowers originated from Australia, which were brought to Corse island by the sailors and followed the French to Đà Lạt. In Việt Nam, only Đà Lạt has mimosa trees, the bright yellow puffs of globular flowers bloom in the dry season. Puffs of mimosa flowers are most beautiful in the morning, with the dew clinging to the flowers reflecting the sun’s ray, like glistening pearls. Mimosa has inspired Trần Kiết Tường to compose the song “Mimosa, where are you from?” in which he praises the beauty of Đà Lạt. Mimosa trees are mostly grown on the pass named Mimosa Pass - the pass at the gateway to Đà Lạt city. Whether Mimosa trees are grown in the city or in the suburbs, they exude a strange attractiveness, creating a wild but exquisite beauty. 

MEXICAN SUNFLOWERS: Mexican sunflowers grow wild in the Central Highlands. Besides, this type of flowers appears also in the Northwestern region. However, Mexican sunflowers (or wild sunflowers) are more famous and beautiful in Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng. Mexican sunflowers are also known as the herald of the dry season in the Central Highlands. When the flowers are in full bloom, everywhere you can see the yellow colors that covers the hillsides, the valleys and the roads in the suburban areas, making an extremely attractive scenery. Many people have chosen the time when wild sunflowers bloom to travel to Đà Lạt and take photos of the beautiful scenery as souvenirs of their trip.

WHITE FLOWER ORCHID TREE: Famous in the Northwest region, the white flower orchid- trees were imported to Đà Lạt a few dozen years ago and quickly grown in the city of fog. In the dry season, generally in December, the wild, gentle beauty of the orchid tree blossoms in full bloom has created the beautiful charm of the northwestern mountains in the Central Highlands. Currently the white flower orchid trees are planted along some streets, such as Quang Trung, Trần Phú ... The streets lined with white flower orchid trees have now become a unique feature of the city of fog.

Once coming to “the city of thousands flowers” – Dalat - in Vietnam Central Highlands, it would be a huge mistake for tourists to skip its collection of flower gardens. From the city’s immense one to local farms, people are supposed to be drown in the beauty of this “Kingdom of flowers”.

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