Discovering Hoi An food paradise market

Nga Do
Lonely Planet, the world's largest travel guidebook publisher, has honored Hoi An market as one of the best food paradises in the world because of its unique and diversified culinary heritage of the charming ancient town.

Hoi An has been long considered the most atmospheric and delightful town in Vietnam. Since the graceful and historic city was a major port for trading and transportation and home to the Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and Chinese traders, Hoi An has not only featured different types of historical sites, but also a unique culinary heritage representing creative fusion of cooking techniques and sophisticated combination between three key ingredients: rice, meat and exotic herbs & vegetables.  Upon a visit to Hoi An, visitors will be captivated by a wealth of spectacular Hoi An culinary delicacies with the diverse collection of Hoi An signature dishes including Mi Quang (Quang-style noodle); Cao Lau; Hoi An shredded chicken and local herb salad; Banh Dap (smashed rice pancakes), and Banh Mi Hoi An (Vietnamese sandwich), the most delicious bread in the world. It is said that Hoi An was very much inspired by the Chinese cuisine that focuses on the balance between “yin” and “yang” factors.

Hoi An market has been recently voted as one of the food paradises in the world by Lonely Planet is located along Hoai River. Quite different from the quietness of Hoi An Ancient Town, the food market is very busy, especially in the mornings. Here, guests can find various foods from vegetables and fruits, spices to snacks, noodles to bread with meat, pâté, chilli and dill are all sold next to each other. After eating and drinking, tourists can stroll along the river bank to visit the nearby ancient Japanese Bridge (Chua Cau) and visit the shops selling artworks, designed fashion items, souvenir statues, ceramic plates, and antique bowls or even silk and quality garments tailor-made from dresses and trousers to shirts and hats at relatively cheap prices.

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