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Perhaps, luxurious cities like Paris or Milan have ever been your dreamy travel spots where you must make hard effort to carefully plan before coming to because of its high living cost. Then, why don’t you do some research on the other, for example Vietnam? Although the country is not sumptuous and luxurious, its landscapes and seascapes will astonish you and make you desire to explore it much more.

Phu Yen is a coastal province located along Vietnam’s south-central coast. It is 1.160 kilometers apart from Ha Noi to the north, 561 kilometers to the South along the National Highway 1A. With the total coast’s length of 189 kilometers, winding roads, mountains by mountains, Phu Yen possesses a natural, pristine and fascinating beauty with attractive destinations, such as: Cu Mong Lagoon, O Loan Lagoon, Vung Ro Bay, Xuan Dai Bay, Vung Lam, Mon Mountain-Dien Cape, Da Dia Reef. Besides, Phu Yen also has historical-cultural relics, heritages, renowned destinations like: Mon beach, Dien Cape, Chop Chai Mountain, Nhan Tower-Da River, Mang Lang Church, Bau beach and so forth. Let’s recount some of the remarkable destinations when visiting Phu Yen


The first charming thing whenever mentioning Phu Yen is the cultural space of rocks. Phu Yen is famous for rock shores in which rocks stacked onto each other tightly and extended outwards the sea. Tourists can walk along the rocks, feel the salty seawater, the touch of each cool breeze, the noise of the waves hugging the shore. You can also wander around coastal villages to admire the lively scenery filled with rocks and rocks. Houses, roads, bridges through ponds or byres are also built with rocks. This is an exotic beauty which arouses your interest a lot when looking at.

Another reason it has become a must-visit travel destination of Phu Yen is its whole scenery which looks like a huge beehive springing up from the turquoise water the in front of your eyes; the beauty is also illuminated by clean beaches and peaceful ambience.


It worth setting foot in this bay as it has a good reputation for charming scenic landscapes and amazing seafood specialties. It’s estimated that the bay’s area is around 16 square km, and despite being a quite small gulf, it plays a role as the crucial fishing ground for locals of Phu Yen. With a visit to Vung Ro Bay, it’s strong recommended that you should sit where the scenery of sunset and sunrise is clear to experience the idyllic beauty here. Further, the other exciting thing of the bay appealing to tourists is that they get a chance to know about some historical sites where revolutionary soldiers acted for the country’s independence.


The final choice in the list of places to visit in Phu Yen is Dai Lanh Cape. Why do people pick it out as their must-visit spot for a Vietnam package tour? It’s because the cape is not only breathtaking with the blue water and long white-sand beach, but also blessed with potential features of culture and tourism, which have interested more and more international travelers in the world. With the clean and blue water, they can experience many different water sports at this charming spot.


It is not a lie that Xuan Dai is regarded as a masterpiece of nature due to its fascination. Situated away 50 km north from Tuy Hoa City, the bay is 13,000 hectares wide and carries the shape of a unicorn’s head when it is contemplated at the far distance. All what creates the harmonious beauty of this scenic spot is the special blend of mountains, islets, peninsulas, water, and sky; it’s actually a priceless gift which Mother Nature favors humans. It’s easy to see that the phenomenal landscape is partially formed by Da Mai mountain, Mu U peninsula, and Ong Xa islet.


O Loan Lagoon is associated with the folk tale about a fairy whose name was Loan, rode a crow-sized bird and wandered around the southern sky. When she approached this land, she met a poor but kind and hard-working man and fell for him. She decided to stay in the human’s world and be his wife.

The lagoon’s surface is tremendous with ripples flowing with the movement of the breezes, low hills and the lush green sugar cane fields. In the light of the glistening twilight, you will admire sparkling and serene painting.


Among wonderful places to visit in Phu Yen is Mon Beach – a splendid seascape of this middle province. In detail, Mon Beach – Mui Dien Cape is referred to as one of the 3 national vestiges in the province. Coming here, tourists can go for a stroll along Mon Beach, cross a tiny fresh-water stream to the mountain road, climb up around 40 stairs of the 500m road, and then reach the light-house station which dates back to over 100 years. It’s amazing to experience at Mon Beach.

If you feel sick of bustle and crowded cities and want to be immersed in a peaceful and pristine environment, then make a to explore this Phu Yen right away. Blue sea, white sand and majestic mountains promise to be an exciting destination.

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