Slow pace of life in Hoang Thu Pho

Nga Do
Those who wish to experience a slow pace of life should head to Hoang Thu Pho Commune in Bac Ha District in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai. From the center of Bac Ha District, tourists can take a motorbike drive on a 12km journey to get to Hoang Thu Pho to admire beautiful landscapes on either side of the street.

Hoang Thu Pho is home to a large community of Mong ethnic minority people and is known for its ancient snow tea trees in the forest and plum and peach fruits.

Once arriving at Hoang Thu Pho, people can feel a pleasant weather which helps refresh their minds and souls. There are majestic mountains rising to the sky and majestic forests. Hoang Thu Pho looks like a painting of an immense green of trees, corn and rice fields and a harmonious combination of nature and life that wait to be discovered.

Tourists seem to release all of their worries and burdens to explore this romantic land with sounds and melodies of mountains and streams running through and birds singing in the jungle.

It is a highly recommended experience to walk on a path leading to the center of the commune to explore daily life of Mong ethnic people on the mountain. Leisurely standing on a mountain and looking over surrounding areas might bring tourists a slow pace of life.

People can find beautiful landscapes and weather all year round in Hoang Thu Pho with stunning terraced rice fields and plum and cherry blossom in full bloom.

Tourists can experience a homestay service at Mong people’s wooden houses by the stream to have peaceful time for their mind and to breath in fresh air of a wild nature. At night time, they can enjoy corn wine and char-grilled chicken served with cham cheo, a special kind of salt of Mong people, or sticky rice served with roasted chicken with ginger and grilled pig.

Local people in Hoang Thu Pho are known for their great hospitality with warm handshakes and big smiles on their faces towards tourists. Visiting Hoang Thu Pho is like a trip to a wonderland where human being and nature is mingled with each other.

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