Fish sauce - a special gift in Phu Quoc Island

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Phu Quoc fish sauce is well-known in the country and over the world thanks to its delicious taste and high quality. Phu Quoc fish sauce factories are worth indispensable rendezvous in the journey of discovering the excellent specialties from the sea.

Fish sauce - a special gift in Phu Quoc Island
Photo by Phuong Huy
Phu Quoc Island is not only famous for its scenic spots but also home to numerous excellent specialties from the sea. Among them, "Phu Quoc fish sauce" is one of the famous sauces having created the brand for more than 200 years, which is made from the fresh anchovies rich in protein. Phu Quoc is now housing over 100 factories of fish sauce production. They are concentrated most in Duong Dong and An Thoi. Fish sauce factories in Phu Quoc has long become one of the bewitching tourist attractions in Phu Quoc alluring the great number of tourists.

Visiting Phu Quoc fish sauce factories, tourists will have a chance to witness the scale of the fish sauce manufacturing facilities and the process for forming droplets of scrumptious fish sauce. The giant crates are lined up serving the demands of tourists' visiting. Phu Quoc fish sauce is popular thanks to its high in protein (36-40), the sweet taste and the delicious smell of Coc Sieu anchovies, specialty only appearing in Phu Quoc. Today, Phu Quoc is home to more than 100 operating factories to produce premium anchovy fish sauce bottles. They yearly launch hundreds and thousands of liters of fish sauce finished production with traditional ways more than hundred years of the pearl island. Discovering these fish sauce factories is thus definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Phu Quoc

The waters around Phu Quoc Island retain the large number of algae and plankton as food for the anchovies. Therefore, there is a huge resource of anchovies here. The anchovy has also about a dozen of categories, yet only Soc Tieu, Com Do and Com Than anchovies provide fish sauce with the highest quality. Most of factories making fish sauce also maintain wooden vats. These kinds of wood are made from big trees cut from Phu Quoc forest. The height of vat each is about 2m to 4m with 1.5m to 3m in diameter depending on the size of vat. Each crate is tied with 6 to 8 straps upon the size each as well. Each vat can store from 7 to 13 tons of fish marinated. The expiring date can up to 60 years. The wooden making the vats must Litsea glutinosa (also known as brown beech) only found at Phu Quoc forest.

Going to Phu Quoc, beside the beauty of the sea, the fish sauce factories are also strange attractions. Phu Quoc fish sauce is divided into many kinds by name of fish or processing such as mackerel fish sauce, atrial fish sauce... Yet the best one must mention as Phu Quoc anchovy fish sauce. Since the island of Phu Quoc was founded and was home to thousands of people coming from all over the country, they started making fish sauce in wooden vats with anchovies fished from the sea. From the fish and particles of salt, Vietnamese fishing village artisans have created the unique spices that it can be hardly found anywhere else over the world. It is not too exaggerative to say that the fish sauce is "mysterious spice" of culinary, which creates the difference of Vietnamese cuisine compared to other countries. The journey of exploring Phu Quoc travel will certainly become much more memorable when tourists set foot on Phu Quoc fish sauce factories.

Fish sauce is the kind of condiment widely used around the world. With the Vietnamese, a small cup of fish sauce always appears at their meals. Depending on the regions, cup of fish sauce is made with different styles. The fish sauce is manually produced nuancing experiences and particular identity of each ethnic group from generations to generations. The production of fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang province is a traditional craft, which has been formed and developed for more than 200 years. Products of Phu Quoc fish sauce are delicious and popular at home and abroad as well. Witnessed the fish sauce factories, tourists will have a chance to visualize how interesting and poetic manufacturing process of delicious drops of fish sauce is. The impressive features has contributed to bring Phu Quoc fish sauce factories to become one of the most impressive tourist Phu Quoc attractions.

Fish sauce factories have long become an interesting tourist site for tourists when going to Phu Quoc tours. It is also not surprising when tourists setting foot on these factories buy some liters of fish sauce as the gifts for family and loved ones. Once going to fish sauce factories in Phu Quoc, tourists will actually get unforgettable memories. The rendezvous thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Phu Quoc tourism closer to tourists both at home and abroad.

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