Phu Quoc honeymoon – one of the most wonderful paradise in Vietnam

Nga Do
Phu Quoc is called as the paradise for honeymoon  in Vietnam. “There are many beautiful, romantic and great islands in Asia for honeymooners but Phu Quoc – the crystal island of Vietnam is one of the most attractive one” said the Rough Guides – a famous Travel website. To visit Phu Quoc, tourists can take only airplane or ferry to get there. This beautiful destination is located in the Guft of Thailand, near Cambodian border, and is surrounded by white sand, pristine beach alternates with quiet fishing village far apart. Especially, if you want to enjoy spacious, cool and peaceful space, the Pearl island is really perfect choice for you.

Phu Quoc is far from Kien Giang province 3 hours and Ha Tien 1 hour by high-speed train. In addition to, flights from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city are regularly opened to serve tourists. Phu Quoc island starts welcoming tourists from An Thoi Port where is so beautiful with blue sky and pure deep-sea. The main town, Dong Duong is 15 minutes far from the Port by motorbike, close to the long beach where local people usually take a walk and admire the sunrise from top of Dinh Cau in every morning. Alongside the way to town, you will pass small paths which run through the island, and catch houses, luxuriant fruit orchards around with shady coconut ranges. Wonderfully, Phu Quoc has beautiful sceneries, blue sea and pure white sands as love of couples. You may experience your lovely honeymoon in North island, firstly. Intriguing landscapes as Phu Quoc national park, Ham Rong mountain, Ganh Dau Point, Cua Can, Bai beach,…will certainly bring exciting experience when couples hold hands, step in endlessly white sand beach, contemplate imposing mountains, see deep blue sky, and send wishes to blue sea. 

Lovers should not miss meaningful moments in South island, here, lovers can visit Phu Quoc prison, majestic Tranh stream, or sightsee the romantic, poetic beauty of Khem beach. Besides, East island promises to be one of picturesque place to you , coming here and giving sweet memories to each other while strolling, going to Dinh Cau market together or collecting unique gifts for family. Moreover, your trip will become fantastic as traveling to Phu Quoc on the fifteenth day of lunar month to enjoy how perfectly beautiful moonlit night is! It’s immense sky, whistling wind, and likely transparent night very much. Nothing is more interesting and romantic at night when couples walk barefoot on smooth sandy beach, watch squid fishing ocean boat as well as take a stroll together along deserted roads connecting two islands at once.

Actually, Phu Quoc is extremely well-known and attractive for a lot of beaches but maybe, Sao beach is known as the most famous name. It is said that you forget to visit Sao beach means you miss golden time in Phu Quoc. Sao beach is compared to the valuable gift of Nature given Phu Quoc island. Sao curved beautiful coastal line is like as the moon and its 7-km crystal white sand is so creamy. Sao beach attracts more visitors, specially honeymooners because it is still pollution-free beach, with nature beauty. Even, current condition is very good, not modern, and only pristine and wild so tourists will have absolutely comfortable time with the Nature. In Sao beach, sand is soft and smooth, it is not big and has no scratching noise as sand in Nha Trang, is not yellow as in Vung Tau, it draws tourists by its inherently individual, natural beauty. The name Sao beach ( Bai Sao) comes from a legend that in the bygone days, every nights, when dust came, a darkness covered full white sands, thousands of starfishes move to nearly beach. They were everywhere, on beach as well as under water, so local people call here “Bai Sao”. It is not difficult to recognize couples hand in hand take a walking at the beach in romantic night space.

One more fascinating thing in Phu Quoc is sea-diving and seeing coral reefs. Scattered around the Thom island, Roi island, you can dive and watch a lot of  stunning colorful coral reefs. After that, you can drop in Ham Ninh-the oldest village in Phu Quoc island, here; you can totally feel live from erstwhile of local people as original thatched cottage. Ham Ninh is known for Bai Vong Port Bridge which connects mainland with sea. At dawn and dust, contemplating view from Bai Vong is an elegant enjoyment; tourists can feel fully spectacular beauty of fairy land when sky and land is one, sea ripples gently.

The Nature offers favor conditions to  Phu Quoc so much because here is gathering of wild forest, lyric sea, and romantic stream. All are harmonious to create a Chinese ink drawing. Thanks to these features, Phu Quoc certainly remains in tourists’ heart unfading impresses. That is reason why Phu Quoc honeymoon is always the best choice of couples.

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