Paradise and memorable landcape in Phu Quoc

Nga Do
1. Dinh Cau

This is the place where fishermen come to make ceremonial offerings a safe and bumper productivity. Beside there is a poetic beach for swimming and go sightseeing. Dinh cau night market is a cheap and delicious food location.

2. Tranh Stream

Coming to Phu Quoc, visitors have swimming not only in Beach but also on stream. This is the famous place for beauty landscapes and cool air. Come here, you can go fishing, bath spring, discover stream and mysterious caves 

3. Bai Sao

One of the best beautiful beach in Phu Quoc and attract many travelers. The visitors have chance to enjoy prestige beach and smooth white sand.

4. Phu Quoc fish sauce barrels

This is one of the special products in Phu Quoc which is famous for domestic and abroad. Phu Quoc fish sauce is made meticulously to make up the drops of fish sauce not mistake with others.

5. Thom Islet

A small islet located on An Thoi archipelago, considered as a best place to travel because there are many fantastic beach and you can snorkel beautiful coral reef. You not only have joyful time to view beach landscape but also can find out the daily life of fishermen here.

6. Phu Quoc vinpearl Land

You will enjoy games from indoor and outdoor, visit the aquarium, 4 D cinema … Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land is the same with Nha Trang Vinpearl land but this place posses a nice location to create a perfect resort for visitors. In addition, it also has 27 holes golf of International standard. 

7. Ham Ninh fishing village

This is the ancient fishing village in Phu quoc, brought special culture. It’s fantastic for enjoying sunset or sunrise. When visiting Ham Ninh Village, you can enjoy both beauty views and fresh and cheap seafood. 

8. Sim wine production facility

The same with Phu Quoc fish sauce, Sim wine is famous for its unique favor. Sim tree have much in Phu Quoc so people use its fruit to product a delicious drinks same with grapefruit wine. Coming here, you will be learnt the way to make it and visit Sim garden 

9. Ganh Dau apex in Phu Quoc

This is the interested travel place, often chosen by foreign visitors. At there, you can swim or snorkel under sea. Although it still remains prestige, it brings peaceful feelings,.

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