Vietnam tour, a quick guide on the places to visit in the land of wonderful nature and culture

Nga Do
There are so many places that you can visit during your Vietnam tours. These are interesting places that showcase the best of Vietnam.

You should ask your Vietnam tours agency to ensure that you visit as many of these places as possible. There are usually packages that you can compare so that you select one that suits you. If you wish, you can go on small group tours. This is an excellent way to take advantage of the small group tours discounts and hang out with your loved ones. The packages do not just depend on the places but the activities as well.

Some of the places you can tour are the cycling Vietnam trails. These are extremely fun for people on small group tours. There are trails both on the north and the south of Vietnam. On the north, you can visit Hanoi on cycling Vietnam tours. This is a place with a lot of serene features and beautiful people. Central Vietnam has ancient towns such as Hue which takes you back to the olden days. Cycling Vietnam tours through these areas gives you an opportunity to see the life of the ancient Vietnamese people. Finally, you can also go for Vietnam tours in the South in places such as Saigon.

Ha Long Bay is also one of places to visit when you are on Vietnam tours. Ancient folklore says that the translation of the word Ha Long Bay is bay of descending dragons. Therefore, this is one of the premium destinations for those on Vietnam adventure travel. There are so many areas to explore in the Ha Long bay during small group tours. These include the water caves which have limestone pillars that form spectacular seascape. There are also so many islands on Ha long bay that you can visit as part of Vietnam tours.

To explore Ha long bay, you can either go kayaking if you seek Vietnam adventure travel. Nevertheless, one of the most common ways to explore these areas is by taking Ha long bay cruises. These are cruises through the bay. There are both day and night cruises (or three days and two nights) in different cruise ships, these cruises take you round the bay in a luxurious manner so that you can enjoy the seascape without straining a lot. Although, it is also possible for you to alternate your Ha long bay cruises with kayaking - this helps you explore the areas where the cruise ships can’t reach.

Finally, if you love wildlife, then you should also include bird watching among your Vietnam tours activities. There are so many birds and wildlife species around Vietnam. However, to have the best experience you should consider visiting the national park. This is one of the best places to go on during your Vietnam tours. The national park is located in Cuc Phuong and there is a lot of diversity in terms of bird life. These are just some of the places you can visit when you are on small group tours in Vietnam.

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