6 Places That Really Should Go For Dreamy Wedding Photos In Hue

Nga Do
Whenever talking about Hue, the first senses that dominate us should always be romance, classic architecture of the Citadel, royal tombs of the Kings, and fairy lakes. Apparently, Hue has many enthralling sites for the engaged couples to capture their hand-in-hand moments. Especially, in the wedding dresses, the future bride and groom look incredibly wonderful in the Hue fairyland. Highly recommended by the pro photographers, the 6 places for dreamy wedding photos in Hue are pointed out here.

#1: The Hue Citadel

The Citadel is the symbolic highlight in Hue. It has the remarkable royal architecture, and each corner is flattering enough to enhance the elegance of the bride and groom. If both dress the Vietnamese “ao dai”, you are in the great harmony with the historical scenery. Under the natural sunlight, the Citadel appears lovely and classical that makes your wedding album worthwhile. You really should go there.

#2: Thuy Tien Lake

It’s worth adding Thuy Tien Lake to your bucket list if seeking for the romance-based wedding album. About 10km to the southwest of Hue, the eco-friendly lake is very pristine and poetic. The beautiful water of the lake is taken from the famous Perfume River. On arrival, you’ll fall in love with the airy and cool atmosphere. For the artistic souls, this lake holds the endless inspiration for poems and wedding photography. The photos of hand-in-hand boating or watching the nice windy pine forest, etc., become the everlasting memorabilia.

#3: Phu Cam Church

Positioned on Phuoc Qua Hill, the Phu Cam Church appears expensive, modern with the panoramic landscape. This is one of the biggest, most famous, and oldest churches in Hue; but now, the church is renovated to have the modern architecture. From afar, the leading church stands out magnificently, and when you approach closer, there see numerous flattering angles to capture the happiness of the engaged couples.

#5: Thien An Hill

If you love the enthralling scenes in Korean film, then Thien An Hill has them for you right in Hue. The Hill catches your eyes from afar with the dominant greenness of the pine forests well-blended with the twisting hills and roads. In the sunny days, the Hill appears as the gorgeous fairy in the folktale that enchants many hearts. The wedding shots in Thien An always delight the young engaged couples.

#6: Thuan An Beach

This is the best beach in Hue for wedding photography. Thuan An is the favorite haunt of the locals and tourists who appreciate the highlights of the blue beach, white sand, and yellow sunlight. What could you ask more for the wonderful wedding beach theme? Just ask, but Thuan An Beach has them all to stimulate you to hold the life mate’s hand and together play happily on the beach. That is the key for the most successful and dreamiest wedding shots.

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