Poetic City, Quy Nhon New Interesting Destination For Couples In Honeymoon

Nga Do
Located at the Southeast of Binh Dinh province, one side is the East Sea, the other is pilling-up mountains, Quy Nhon city owns pristine beauty attracting the hearts of people. Quy Nhon is bow-shaped to hug fully golden sand beaches as couples. Here, tourists can see rows of coconuts swaying with wind and harmonious mixture of sea water and sky colors. Quy Nhon referred to as poetry city – is actually romantic and seductive, at the same time, it is also the attractive destination for people falling in love with sea and peace.

Quy Nhon, the large city of Binh Dinh province look like a ship which is side toward the East Sea. In a long time, Quy Nhon is considered as a beautiful landscape with both natural and man-made sights. Journey to discover sea city, Quy Nhon, starts from poetic Queen beach under the foot of Poet Mountain (Thi Nhan Mountain). Far from about 2-3 kilometers towards center, in Ghenh Rang tourism area, there is a unique and snobbish beach with myriad egg-shaped rocky cobbles. This is reason why Queen beach is also called Egg beach. Next to Ghenh Rang, there is a peaceful valley named Quy Hoa, a magnet for tourists due to its beautiful scenery with casuarinas-tree line spreading up to horizon.

The next destination in Quang Binh honeymoon is Phuong Mai peninsula – Thi Nai Bridge. Being a part in Nhon Hoi road system and connecting Quy Nhon city and Nhon Hoi economic area, Thi Nai is the longest sea-across bridge in Vietnam, not only the proud of Binh Dinh people, but also the attractive place to internal and external tourists.

Hon Seo, one of 32 potential islands of tourism in Binh Dinh, is extreme beautiful island on the Phuong Mai peninsula in Nhon Ly commune, far 15km from the center of Quy Nhon city toward the Northeast. When local leaders pay attention to sea-island tourism, Phuong Mai peninsula tour goes into acting and Hon Seo is known as interesting picnic destination for people, especially couples going to Quy Nhon for honeymoon.

Seen from mainland, Hon Seo is like a huge boat reaching seashore. From ancient time until the present, Hon Seo is still wind oasis with weeds, rocks, sea creatures, birds and without homes. However, the Nature favors Hon Seo a large and flat rocky bank with multi-colored rocks pilling into each other. Over time, thanks to abrasion of wave, these rocks become rounded and this creates the concern of tourists. The romantic and seductive rocky beach is the Mother of rock because, each year, the number of rocks here increases. Commonly, people consisting of local people and tourists pick up and bring them to their home for memorizing, decorating, but the rocky beaches hasn’t out of rocks. This is the only and unique thing in Binh Dinh. Next rocky ground, there is a large and cool cave containing more than 100 people at the same time. To discovering fully Hon Seo, tourists can hire boats of tourism companies or local people in Nhon Ly. If they start from Nhon Ly beach, boats take them through Wind channel, Yen Island; it takes about 20 minutes to set foot on island. If you go from Quy Nhon port, the time is about 1 hour.

The first tricking here is that seawater is very clean and transparent, you can see obviously strange and multi-colored coral reef, underground large rock, even flocks of fishes swimming in the water. Island is surrounded by large and small rocks; you certainly overcome these rocks for climbing the top. Standing in Hon Seo, tourists can contemplate overall immense sky and sea. Please open your chest, and enjoy the present of ocean, cool winds. Viewing Island from seashore, in the left, Phuong Mai range is toward sea, remotely, wind channel, Yen Island and golden sand-banks last endlessly. Hon Seo is an ideal destination for people falling for adventure.

Every night, from Quy Nhon seashore, taking your vision to shore off, among hundreds of sparkling light spots as candle flowers, tourists can be attractive by marvelous and mysterious light. This is Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse on a 120- meter mountain. Over 100 years, the lighthouse is still best friend of fishing boats from all regions of country going here. The light from Cu Lao Xanh is trust and hope of fisherman in storm night. Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse is the harmonious combination between architecture of both the West and East. From the top of mountain under root of Vu Lao Xanh lighthouse to the bottom, Cu Lao is beautiful as a green picture with swaying coconuts, young almendrons along the seashore, and endlessness of immense water surface. The special thing is that the front is mainland where inhabitants live while the back is only rocks. Large rocks pile into each other to against wind and wave. Over times, Cu Lao Xanh becomes unforgettable destination for tourists going to Quy Nhon in adventurous journey. Sometimes, we come across some coupes taking their wedding photographs here, maybe, they would like to have a special memory together in order that when they are old, and they will smile for their youth and love.

Night in Quy Nhon is not busy, whole city is sunk in warm and gentle light. City in night is like an epiphyllum which is referred to as the Queen of the Night Flower blooms for showing off its graceful beauty and sweet flavor. Tourists can choose cafe shop side seashore to contemplate dark sea and sparkling lights of boats off shore. Couples visiting Quy Nhon don’t ignore chance to take hand in hand a walking on the white sand banks under bright moon for sweet moment together in honeymoon. What is happier than the romantic time?

Although, Quy Nhon honeymoon tour hasn’t been actually popular in Vietnam honeymoon, but efforts of Quy Nhon over time certainly turn it into city of honeymoon tourism. Nowadays, many couples don’t choose Da Lat, Phu Quoc, they falling in their love with the simple and wild beauty of Poetic City – Quy Nhon.

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