Great places to go kayaking in Vietnam

Nga Do
Kayaking is growing in popularity since it is fun, relaxing, and is an indeed great exercise that is suitable for people of all ages. Now you can enjoy this exciting activity in many parts of Vietnam.

Halong Bay

Kayaking is your great choice to enjoy the majestic grandeur of Halong Bay and to explore different places that only accessible by kayaking. Paddling a kayak to visit caves, and lagoons is an exciting experience. It’s quite safe to go kayaking in these calm waters.

What to bear in mind?

Remember to follow the tour guide. There are sometimes strong currents, hence, it’s really risky if you go kayaking without instruction or warning.

Prepare some necessary items such as swimming suit, shirt, short, insect repellent, sunglasses, sun cream in summer and warm clothes in winter.

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay, located in the southeast of Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong city, is a beautiful destination with 400 islands of different sizes. Going kayaking in Lan Ha Bay, you will have a chance to explore the maze of islands and to discover the beauty of caves, coral reefs, beaches, lagoons, and local fish farms.

Phong Nha Ke Bang

Phong Nha Ke Bang, situated in Quang Binh Province, is noted for its grotto systems and caves. This kind of activity gives you a lot of fun together with caving exploration. This is a 4 hour tour to discover 1500 meters inside the cave. There is no electric light during the journey but just torch.

Cai River in Nha Trang

Paddling on Cai River is your chance to float down the river, to enjoy fresh atmosphere and beautiful landscapes and to see local fishermen preparing their boats for a big day’s fishing.

You can stop off at some interesting places to get some handicraft souvenirs for your family and friends.

Hoa Phu Thanh in Da Nang

Hoa Phu Thanh Resort is an ideal place for relaxation. Kayaking is an exciting experience when you float on the water, wave the paddles, enjoy natural scenery and feel the cool breeze. You will have to do some basic exercises and learn how to balance the boat before go kayaking.

Huong River in Hue

Huong River or Perfume River, flows through Hue city, is special for its poetic beauty and fragrant in autumn. Paddling in Huong River, visitors will see numerous beautiful sceneries such as Dong Ba market, Bao Vinh ancient town, Vong Canh Hill, and Student Village.

Kayaking peacefully through rippling, clear water and looking for exotic wildlife amongst stunning scenery is high on my list of must-do activities! Kayaking in particular gives you a fantastic opportunity to get really close to local marine life, and is one of the cleanest and greenest activities you can be doing!

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