Amazing Muong Thanh paddy field in Dien Bien

Nga Do
The thought that Southwest is only famous for terraced paddy fields but it is not. This place is well-known for 4 foremost paddy fields including Muong Thanh, the largest field with over 140 km2 area.

For a long time, the habitants in Northwest have learned by heart the statement “the first Thanh, the second Lo, the third Than, the fourth Tac” to rank the fields in terms of their area. Compared to Muong Lo field in Yen Bai, Muong Than field in Lai chau, Muong Tac field in Son La, Muong Thanh field in Dien Bien is believed to be the largest. Situated at more than 400 m high above sea level, Muong Thanh field stretches over 20 km with the average width of 6 km.

Ealier, visitors got many difficulties to go to Dien Bien because of meander and slope of the roads. Of which, Pha Din pass, one of 4 greatest passes in Vietnam is really a huge challenge for anyone. However, thanks to the flight route of Hanoi-Dien Bien, visitors could travel easier and get bird’s eye view of the largest fields in Northwest region.

Looking down from above, Muong Thanh field runs along Nam Rom river and then spread to directions like ban flowers embrace historical relics of the battle in the past. No matter which way you go to Muong Thanh, the spectacular natural beauty in this place will blow you away.

Situated in the middle of Dien Bien, Muong Thanh paddy field is compared to a giant store of rice and corn. In late September, rice in Muong Thanh is ripe. The golden rice ears and straws dye the paddy fields in deep yellow.

Not only is famous for immense area, thanks to favorable intensive cultivation conditions, Muong Thanh paddy field also produces quality rice with small grains, white, tender, fluffy, sweet after cook. The grains from Muong Thanh field features rich beauty of Dien Bien, which is formerly well-known for glorious victory.

It would be a shortcoming if talking about Muong Thanh field without the discussion of Nam Rom river. From every view, Nam Rom river looks like a blue line in the middle of paddy field picture with the highlight of poetic Muong Thanh bridge connecting river banks. The bridge is currently available for bicycles, motorbikes and pedestrians only.

The temperature amplitude of different levels in a day and long light intensity in Muong Thanh may annoy you. However, this type of climate is very the key factor that makes popular Dien Bien rice. With rice ingredient, local people created plenty of delicious dishes such as nuong sticky rice, day cake. Other must try dishes include stream fish, bamboo shoot soup, boiled ngong cai vegetables… Fore these reasons, the trip to Dien Bien is alway fresh and interesting for you.

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