No sour grapes for visitors to Ninh Thuan

Nga Do
Ninh Thuan's year-round hot climate makes it the ideal place for cultivating grapes. Now with ecotourism fixed firmly on the radar, the lush green orchards are a must for any tour of the province.

Phan Rang grapes have (Ninh Thuan) long been known throughout Vietnam, and are grown along the road from Ninh Chu to Vinh Hy with three crops per year.

Grapes here are grown on frames. Harvesting time varies among orchards, explaining why Phan Rang grapes are available throughout the year.

Grapes here are mild, both in sweetness and sourness.

There are three kinds of grape: green, red and black. Black is mostly reserved for wine while green and red are sold as fruit.

Prices range from VND30,000 ($1.2) to VND80,000 ($3.5) per kilo for red and green grapes. Wine and honey made by bees raised in the orchards are also available.

The temperature under the grape frames always feels like it's air-conditioned.

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