Elephant trek in Ban Don

Nga Do
Associated with the song about little elephant, Ban Don is famous for wild elephant hunting and training. Thus, in addition to sightseeing of spectacular natural landscape, you should not miss an elephant trekking around the village.

As one of the most popular destination in Central Highlands, perhaps, everyone ever heard about Ban Don through the song about lovely little elephant. Currently, Ban Don is a tourism destination at Krongna commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak, approximately 40 km from Buon Ma Thuot to the Northwest.

Ban Don has a tradition of wild elephant hunting and training. Therefore, it is not surprised to see elephants of tons obey the mahout. The tourists will be safe on the elephant’s back with the help of handler. Just imagine yourself like a king riding an elephant swaying back and forth with the movement of this greatest mammals! It’s once in a lifetime experience you’ll always remember.

The elephant trek through Ban Don is absolute serenity! So peaceful, so calming and such a beautiful view. If elephant ride in Lak lake gives you peaceful feeling, elephant ride in Ban Don will be really an adventure. That is the moment when the elephant gropes the way to cross Serepok river. This is the largest river of water system in Dak Lak formed by a lot of rivers. With only VND 600.000 for an elephant trip of threesome in one hour, spirit of Central Highlands will stay in your heart and mind.

During your trip in Ban Don, do not forget to visit the tomb of Khun Yu Nob, who was referred to Elephant King of Ban Don for hunting 400 elephants. Located in Ban Don tourism complex, elephant king’s tomb has architecture of Lao and Mnong. It was Bao Dai king who had the tomb designed and built to express attitude to elephant king for his white elephant and outstanding contribution to establishment of war elephant army.

Adjacent tomb belongs to Rleo Knul, the successor of elephant king. This tomb is designed as pointed pyramid of Cambodian style. This is regarded as immutable remnant about establishment and development progress of wild elephant hunting and training in Ban Don.

In order to hear extraordinary stories about elephant hunters, come to ancient stilt house in Tri An village. This is a 3 room house with 3 pointed roofs distinctly Lao architecture. It used to be the residence of Khun Yu Nob elephant king.

After nearly 130 years, the house has only 2 rooms left until now. It is the most unique house in Vietnam. The house still retains many tokens about life and hunting tools of Khun Yu Nob with successors such as brozen tray and the picture on an elephant hunt of Ama Kong, Khun Yu Nob’s maternal grandson. Ama Kong is also a good hunter following Khun Ju Nop with accomplishment of 298 elephants.

Of specialties in Ban Don, Ama Kong wine is the beverage attached with stories about wild elephants. The wine was named after Ama Kong, a living legend of Ban Don, maternal grandson of elephant king Khun Yu Nob. The specifict characteristic of this wine is that it is made from leave, trunk and root of Trong tree. The wine is very healthy to men and thereby it is a very popular product in Central Highlands.

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