The legend of Ba Be lake

Nga Do
Once upon a time, in Bac Kan province, every year the villagers Model Year are celebrated with great offerings to the Buddha, known as the feast of Great Price. People we all parts chronic back gather large crowds. One day, an old woman leprosy village ceremony. Her clothes ragged, tattered. She smelled foul, very uncomfortable, causing people to flee. Any lady lepers to house begging, are banished, reviled. It is fear of spreading leprosy leprosy.

However, there are people who know the pity. That was a widow, with her son. She was not disgusted, called the woman into the house to eat it. Then, the content for the old lady beggar slept on a night, granary corner, in the tent. At midnight, we were suddenly startled awake, heard a violent rumbling noise from the bowl of rice. Open the rice bowl, not that the old lady bowed, which is a major traffic dragon curled rumbling like thunder. They were scared to come out, restless, anxious, can not sleep anymore. In the morning, that the old lady come out from the bowl of rice, said:

"I really was not, I was a delivery long, only disguised as a beggar to test the charity of the faithful men and women to the village of Five Simple Buddhist ceremony. All people chase me, except second mother. They are all long-range export Buddha, will not avoid the penalty of my superiors have entrusted to implement, it is a cataclysmic battle. Whenever that have water resources started down here, mom let me quickly run up the mountain that tranh. Con two piece husks will help save lives.

Having said this, the old woman disappeared. The next day, while the people are crowding to a Buddhist ceremony between the village, where suddenly water rolling down to the sides, spilling into the valley. They climbed onto the roof, climb up the tree. But the again offering full up again, flooding the rooftops and trees. Everyone had died overwhelmed, unless the other two mother widow hurried escape to the mountain, drop two piece husks big rain thuyen. Mac, we were sailing to rescue the people.

On the mountain, we were erected a small hut to live. This place, which later became a busy village, and today is known as the village In Form. The valley has been filled with water, into three large lakes, vast as the tank, so it is called Ba. Water in three lakes circulation, but boats can not go from one lake to the other lakes, because of large ice dams impeded. Ba wide floral display bowl, emerald green water, stand out among the majestic mountains of South terrace example North Viet. Giua they are a small island, the locals call it Go widow.

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