Phu Quoc Island, Love and Sea Destination for Honeymooners

Nga Do
Putting lightly bare foot traces in white sand imbued with morning dew, playing with waves, and drink gently champagne, this is really a romantic space for couples. Phu Quoc has beautiful sceneries, blue sea and pure white sands as love of couples.

For couples, private space in wild island with white sand-banks is an ideal idea for enjoying peaceful living, discovering them and experiencing love with sky, land and high sea. And Phu Quoc itself is such destination. If you have a lucky chance to contemplate pristine but seductive beauty of the largest Vietnam’s island, you will know reason why Phu Quoc is considered as pearl island heaven as well as Phu Quoc is always in list of 10 the most attractive destinations which international tourists choose when they visit the our wonderful S-shaped land.

The Nature gives Phu Quoc harmonious sights, mild climate thorough year. Besides, Phu Quoc is home of long and beautiful beaches, in which sea water is clean and blue, sands is white and silky. We can say that Phu Quoc is an ideal destination for honeymoon of couples, families’ trips. The reason is simple that the island of love is peaceful, pristine and far from mainland. Here, they can swim in the sea comfortably, enjoy different activities as diving to view coral reef, visiting Cay Dua prison, discovering primeval forests. Tourism area along Tran Hung Dao Street with many resorts closing the romantic beaches is favorite place of domestic and international visitors.

Surrounding Phu Quoc is wildly beautiful beaches spreading from North to South. The North Phu Quoc is wealthy border area with rich primeval forests, a series of fine beaches lurking behind forests. North Island is a vivid destination for active and ebullient tourists who love discovering, experiencing sea ecosystem. The most famous and attractive places in the North Island consist of Phu Quoc national forest, Dai beach, Ham Rong Mountain, Ganh Dau Point, Da Ngon stream, Da Ban Stream, in which maybe Sao Beach is the name mentioned to most.

It is strange when put their foots down sand ground, tiny sands threads through interstice between two toes and sea winds here is not strong as other beaches. Winds blow gently, melodiously, that is enough to make people who are tired can doze in hammocks. Sao Beach is not fully explored to become a tourism area so it brings the innocence of a young girl who is learning to make up. Here, there is less shops, nobody invites tourists with insistence making them anxious, there are several benches for visitors, green hammocks swaying according to sea winds, therefore, all seem to be natural.

It is fair to say that Sao Beach belongs to the Nature. It is not a problem if people start to explore this land or they never turn it into tourism area. Even, current condition is very good, not modern, and only pristine and wild thanks to this, tourists have absolutely comfortable time with the Nature Mother. Stepping down sea, bare foots become strange, tiny sands rub toes, sunshine radiates on the head, winds blow gently into their faces as the call of love. Sometime, tourists will come across some dogs playing together near beaches. They are considered as special citizens because they can dive, catch fishes well. On gentle white sands, children play without fear. Remotely, there are some houses scattered. The first and most interesting to tourists is sitting on coconut stick in beach for seeing surround masterpiece, peaceful sight they haven’t ever seen. Here, sea is peaceful strangely; waves only ripple and then flow into the sea to mix with currents. Water surface is peaceable, quite and gentle, only sunshine and wind rush into tourist’s face, sound of laugh is obvious as symphony among immense ocean.

In Sao beach, sand is soft and smooth as tiny sugar, it isn’t big and has no scratching noise as sand in Nha Trang, isn’t yellow as in Vung Tau, it is individual so many resorts in Phu Quoc bring them to their beaches. The name Sao beach (Bai Sao) comes from a legend that in the olden days, at each night, when dust came, a darkness covered full white sands, tens of thousands starfishes move to nearly beach. They were everywhere, on beach as well as under water, so local people call here “Bai Sao”. It is not difficult to recognize couples hand in hand take a walking at the beach in romantic night space. In recent years, honeymoon package Phu Quoc is one of the most attractive honeymoon tours in Vietnam thanks to its natural and pristine beauty.

The East seashore of Phu Quoc island is ancient Ham Rong fishing village is still plain and homely with West-style seashore but is located next 300-meter Ham Ninh Mountain. Despite of spreading hundreds of meter, water in Ham Ninh Sea is transparent. When water dries, immense sand-banks stretch up to remote sea, but when water overflows, it goes adrift to forests. Ham Ninh is the oldest village in Phu Quoc Island, here; tourists can feel live from erstwhile of local people as original thatched cottage. Their main work is diving for pearl, holothurian, and crab. Every day, boats land to get seafood providing for mainland of the South. Besides, Ham Ninh is known for Bai Vong Port Bridge which links mainland and sea. At dawn and dust, contemplating sight from Bai Vong is an elegant pleasure; tourists can enjoy fully spectacular beauty of fairy land when sky and land is one, sea ripples gently.

The Nature appears to favor Phu Quoc so much because here is the place gathering of wild forest, lyric sea, and romantic rivers. All are harmonious to create a Chinese ink drawing. Thanks to these features, Phu Quoc certainly remains in tourists’ heart memorable impresses. That is reason why Phu Quoc honeymoon is always the No.1 option of couples.

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