Chi Village - the interesting destination of community tourism in Ha Giang

Nga Do
In recent years, the trend of travel to areas where ethnic minorities live has become quite popular, especially with the group of foreign tourists and young people, students in the plain areas. When visit these areas, tourists will have a chance to discover the pristine natural landscapes and to learn many cultural traditions.

Understanding those needs, Quang Binh district has focused on building, encouraging people to develop tourism villages, with the participation of local tourism community. One of which must be Chi village of Xuan Giang ward, 14 km away from the town center of Quang Binh district. With the advantage of the natural potential, along with the diverse cultural traditions of the local people, this place is gradually getting better thanks to the community tourism development.

Chi Village has 4 ethnic groups living together includes the Tay ethnic group accounted for 96% and the rest of such ethnics as Kinh, Nung, Dao. The lives of the people there still remain intact in cultural characteristics. The unique features that are presented firstly in the design of the stilts houses, from the back resting on the mountain side overlooking to the fields to the layout inside the house of altar, guests room, kitchen and the display of traditional tools.

When mention to Tay people, you have to talk about their traditional weaving with the talented hands of the Tay girls in creating unique patterns on the clothes, blankets that are also the souvenirs that tourists usually taking home. Another special thing for the tourists is that they can sit weaving with Tay girls and choose their favorite pattern definition to embroider. Besides, tourists can also participate in many popular games such as: toss the shuttle cock, shooting crossbow, walking on stilts, ..

In addition to the pretty stilts houses, the traditional dances, the festivals, the rustic life, simplicity and hospitality of the people, this area is also blessed with amazing sceneries such as: Buddha Slope, Lay Quang Lake.. Visitors can watch the sunset or admire the shimmering beauty of stalactites hang down forming shapes or go fishing in streams, go tour around the lake or participate in the daily work of the villagers...

Ha Giang is truly a gorgeous place to discover and enjoy the best things that nature bring to life. Travel to Ha Giang, there are always new interesting things for your trip.

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