Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In Vietnam

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Along with dreamy wedding, it is likely that honeymoon is the most expected time to any just- married couples. However, choosing a destination which is not only impressed or romantic enough but also suitable with the couple’s hobby or budget is not simple. Vietnam, a shining star of the world and area’s tourism, is the best choice for you to experience the first holiday together as husband and wife.

Going along S- shape body of Vietnam, tourist can see a lot of attractive destinations that can satisfy all of your requirement about every kinds of trip. In this post, we would like to introduce you top 5 of Vietnam honeymoon destinations. They are: Halong Bay, Hoian, Dalat, Muine and Phuquoc. They all are well-known places recognized in worldwide as the World natural and cultural heritages or outstanding sightseeing of Vietnam. It is absolutely that you will experience once-in-lifetime trip.

Halong Bay

For anybody who loves traveling in all over the world, this is not a strange name. Vietnamese people are proud of that Halong Bay considered as one of seven the new world wonders for its breathtaking landscapes and geographic values by worldwide voters on March, 31th, 2012.

Halong Bay is a part on the western side of the Gulf of Tonkin in the North of Vietnam. It is surrounded by Cat Ba Island to the south, Ngoc Hung and Van Canh islands to the East and the Vietnamese coastline to the North and West. Halong bay is famous for the numerous of fantastic caves, rocky karsts or hundreds of big or small rocky islands spreading that can take visitor’s breath away because of their primitive beauty.

 As a result, cruising is always the most popular activity here. Imagine that you and your lover stand side by side on a luxurious yacht, watching magical limestone grottos at dawn or nightfall. How amazing! Some brand names of cruise in Quang Ninh for you to choose are Star Cruises, Costa Crociere, Nautica, Oceania Cruises, Seaborn, Legend of the sea and Azmara, Aurora, Sun Princess. These all also have many- year-experience in serving this kind of travelling so that they can bring you a premier honeymoon in particular and tourist packages in general.

Apart from that there are a lot of other things you and your man or woman can do here. Swimming or scuba diving is the best choice for you to enjoy truly the clear, blue sea and wonderful underwater world there by your own eyes and hands. It is a hundreds such amazing kinds of marine animal and plant that will be your unforgettable memories about Halong. Or not, if your couple would like to discover the beautiful and romantic sightseeing on the beach by yourself at private atmosphere, cycling is an interesting plan.

Hoi An

If Halong Bay brings your honeymoon tour a natural and luxurious atmosphere, Hoian is an extreme side of emotion with an old, simple and acquainted feeling. The ancient town of Hoian is located in Quangnam province in the south central coast region of vietnam. In the century of 18th-19th, this was a busy trading port of Vietnam where taking place commercial activities between Vietnamese and Chinese, Japanses and French traders. By keeping almost of the ancient structure of houses, streets or traditional unique lifestyle, products and custom, Hoian, until now, seems as the same as it’s first being born.

Visitors coming here will have chance to enjoy over 1000 architecture heritages of houses, temples, pagodas or hundred-year streets, ancient wells or tombs. All of those places show a perfect combination between Vietnamese and other Asian countries style, especially Chinese and Japanese. They are narrow and short streets, crossing as chessboard style or old two-floor houses built mostly from traditional material such as brick, wood, by the river. 


Hoian’s multi-culture expressed through its unique cuisine. Anyone used to put the footprints here may have the same feeling of the strong cuisine space with the best dish served in street corners, narrow pavements and fabulous restaurants as well. it will be a mistake if you take a trip there without satisfying yourself some specialties such as: chicken rice, Quang noodle, Cao lau noodle or White rose. These dished are impressed tourists by perfect mixture of ingredients and spices. Although being affected by Chinese and Japanese cooking style, they themselves still keep the specific features because of some secret in recipes.

Accommodation Except for dozen of such great hotels as Hoi An Chic Hotel, the Nam Hai Hoi An Hotel,… another kind of accommodation that many tourist are interested in is homestay in Hoian. It means that you will experience your trip in a old house and do daily activities as member of family with host from enjoying some cups of tea, to cooking and having meals. By this way, tourist can feel the life in Hoian that seems never tough by hands of time. It is something different to your modern and fast life as usual especially when you do it with your new life-partner.


In Vietnam, whenever you think about somewhere to improve or burn your love, Dalat will be the first answer coming up. Being located on the Lam Vien highland at the height of 1500 meters in Lam Dong province to the south of Vietnam, Dalat is considered as “little city of Paris” with many mountains, valleys, lakes, cool climate as well as French-style architecture of villas, hotels. Besides, many key words going together with “Dalat” are flower, fruit or wine.

Many couples wish to travel Dalat for their first days of new life as married couple. The reason is that everything here is romantic and sweet so bad. Xuan Huong lake, for instance, attracts thousands of visitors to come because of its charming and poetic beauty. This lake covering the area up to 38 hectares is the heart of Dalat. Every streets here lead to the lakes. In addition, you can enjoy lots of other beautiful view within Dalat such as the old railway station of Dalat, Con Ga church or to the Bao Dai Palace and the bustling Da Lat Market. The flower garden of the city on the road to Xuan Huong Lake or Lang Biang Moutain about 3 hour hiking or Valley of Love on Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street also are the place where many couple take great wedding photos.

 Mui Ne

In term of Vietnam sea tourism, Mui Ne may be on the top of attractive beach. This is premier resort town in the Binh Thuan Province to the South of Vietnam. Mui Ne is known as one of the most beautiful beach in the Southest Asian with clean and blue sea, white sand and yellow sunlight. Mother of nature gives Mui Ne nothing but large beach and white dunes that makes ressident’s life was quite hard in that past. However, today those thing are the unique features of Mui Ne make its a small town with lots of poor fishvillage become a bright tourism spot of Vietnam. Huge white dunes are the first place for anybody to visit when travelling there. Its primitive beauty is also the creative source for lots of artist who made many photography masterpieces.

Mui Ne has hot and dry climate with the avarage of temperature is about 27 degrees. Therefore, the best period of time for you to visit here is from August to December if you love to windsurfer, or from November to April if you love kitesurfing.

About the beautiful sites, there are some such amazing places that you should not forget to visit as: White Dune or Red Dune where taking place sandsurfing acticity. It means that you will sit on a plastic bag and surf from the top to the foot of sand dunes at high speed. How cool! Besides, you can choose to enjoy the poetic beauty of Fairy Spring just three miles east of town.

Phu Quoc Island

Known as another name of Pearl Island, Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. Phu Quoc and its nearby islands create Phu Quoc district with the total area up to 574 square kilometers. Phu Quoc is in Kien Giang province, far from Rach Gia city 120 km and Ha Tien town 45 km.

As same as its name, Phu Quoc beach bring Vietnamese and international visitors a strong impression of various stunning beach such as Truong Beach, Gach Dau Beach or Star Beach,… You also should enjoy the breathtaking view of some scenic sites as: Suoi Ba Dan, Suoi Tranh,…

Apart from enjoying beautiful sites, tourist can take part in many intersting activities here like scuba diving, windsurfing. At night, you also can go to some bars or clubs to get the disco shoes dirty or just go fora drink.

To conclusion, as a tropical climate country,Vietnam has lots of advatages of tourism. The top 5 honeymoon destination mentioned above are the outsatnding, fantastic and amazing spots but not all of Vietnam tourism. Come and discover the beauty of Vietnam and enjoy your life.

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