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Sapa is a frontier town and is the capital of Lao Cai Province in the Northeast of Vietnam. Sapa is also the home to several ethnic minorities such as H’Mong, Dao, Giay, Pho Lu, and Tay. The township is known as the best tourist attraction in Lao Cai with the wonder of natural landscapes and interesting culture of Northwestern ethnic groups.

Location and Terrain

Sapa is situated on the high of 1600m over the sea level, around 40km from Lao Cai City and 380km from Hanoi Capital. The terrain here is almost mountains and passes, which created a craggy but wonderful road that attracts many adventurous travellers.

Climate of Sapa

Although being a town in the North of Vietnam with the characteristic climate is tropical, the weather in Sapa features a cool weather during the year and even very cold in the winter. The popular temperature in the summer here is 20⁰C - 25⁰C and can be under 0⁰C in the winter.  There has been also snow in recent years, which is an interest that attracts many tourists come to Sapa to admire this wonder.

Sapa Inhabitants

Sapa is home to 6 Vietnam ethnic which are Kinh, H’Mong, Red Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho, each group owns unique characteristics and culture creating a colourful world in Sapa. The local festivals and local markets, especially Sapa love market, are truly special attractions of Sapa.

How to Travel to Sapa?

From Hanoi, the way to get to Sapa by train is the best. However, thanks to the improvement of the highway to Lao Cai, Sapa can also be reached by bus or motorcycle.

By train

It takes about 10 hours to travel to Spa from Hanoi by train, and the train only stops in Lao Cai City. So travellers need to take taxi or hire a motorcycle to get in Sapa. 

There are a number of tourist trains operating the route from Hanoi, but travellers should book tickets in advance to have a good position. The cost of the overnight train is US$ 35-180 and the day train is $10-20 per person. 

By bus

There are daily buses departing Hanoi at 6:30am or 10:00pm with around 6 - 7 hours to reach Sapa. 
Travelling by bus is much more convenient because it is both fast and goes directly to Sapa without stopping in Lao Cai City. The ticket for a one-way bus is only US$20 – 30 per person

By motorbike

For those who are adventurous travellers, a motorcycling trip to Sapa is a perfect experience. En route, travellers have the chance to admire the picturesque landscapes and stop at some places to take share-worthy photos of the adventure. It would take 8-9 hours to ride motor from Hanoi to Sapa.

What to Do in Sapa?

There are a lot of interesting things to do in Sapa that brings visitors unforgettable memories about a beautiful land in the north of Vietnam. Come to Sapa, the best way to experience the local life is living in a homestay of local ethnic minorities. Tourists can have an astonishing discovery in Ban Pho Village which is a small village of H’Mong people, and ThacBac Waterfall (Silver Waterfall) and the lasting forests of Hoang Lien Son National Park, or magical MuongHoa Valley. 

Wake up early in the morning to stroll around Spring Church Singing - Ta Phin Commune or Ham Rong Park on the top of Ham Rong mount. Travelling to Sapa, tourists cannot deny the chance to explore the local market such as Sapa Love Market and MuongKhuong Bird Market. If time allows, visitors should once try to conquer Fan Si-Fan, the roof of Indochina to have an adventurous experience and enjoy a stunning view of surrounding areas from there. It will definitely be the adventure of the lifetime when travelling to Sapa.

Hotels and Restaurants in Sapa


For those who would like to stay in Sapa without living in a homestay, there are also many options of hotels and guesthouse here.   Some best hotels in Sapa can be listed are TopasEcolodge, Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa, Sapa Paradise View Hotel, Sapa Unique Hotel… The rate of accommodation here is quite reasonable, just from $20 – 200 depending on the location and the facility.


Developed to be a tourism town, Sapa features a number of restaurants offering both local dishes and western culinary.  Travel to Sapa, visitors can themselves choose a famous restaurant to enjoy excellent dishes as well as have the fascinating view of majestic mountains and lush green forests. Some most attractive restaurants here are Red Dao House Restaurant, Nature View Restaurant, Paradise View Restaurant, Good Morning Vietnam Restaurant, The Hill Station Signature Restaurant…

Sapa Travel Tips

It can be too much of an adventure trying to get to Sapa as a single traveller. Arrange the trip with a reputable tour operator to ensure smooth, risk-free travel.
Travel on weekdays is both easier and cheaper than weekends.
Politely refuse when someone asks for buying local procedures if you don’t want.
Bring along individual items if you would like to try homestay accommodation.

Wish you a happy trip!

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