What to Eat in Ha Giang ?

Is it your first time going to Ha Giang and you are wondering what and where to eat? Then today, let join us to discover delicious specialities in Ha Giang.

What to Eat in Ha Giang ?
Photo by Giang A Phon
Thang Den (Sweet Soup)

This dish is similar to the Rice Ball sweet soup, but it’s different in the process. This Sweet soup is made from glutinous flour, cane sugar, coconut juice, ginger and roasted peanuts. It’s so great that tourists can enjoy it in the winter. With just 5,000 VND, tourists can enjoy the delicious Thang Den.

Thang Co (Buffalo’s visceral)

This dish is the cultural cuisine of the ethnic people. It will be great if tourists can enjoy Thang Co with the corn wine. Thang Co is made from Buffalo’s visceral or Cow’s visceral with many cardamoms. Tourists can enjoy it at the highland market.

Au Tau Porridge

The Au Tau Porridge is also called as the bitter porridge. This special cuisine is made from Hoa Vang Sticky rice, ordinary rice, stewed water caltrop, stewed pork leg water and aromatic vegetable. First, it tastes a little bitter, then tourists will addict to the taste of this porridge. It will be great to enjoy a bowl of Au Tau Porridge in the winter.

Grilled Moss

Beside Thang Co, water caltrop or Au Tau Porridge, Grilled Moss is also the famous cuisine in Ha Giang. This dish is made from young moss at the stream and many seasons. The Grilled Moss is not only the delicious cuisine but also the healthy cuisine, which can heal many illnesses.

The smoked buffalo or pork

The smoked buffalo or pork is the familiar dish in the meal of the Black Thai ethnic minority. This cuisine is made from marinated buffalo’s muscle, which is smoked putting it next to the wood stove for 2 months. It’s great for the tourists to enjoy it with the corn wine.

Ha Giang Sausage

The Local people usually made sausage in Tet Holiday, which is made from lean meat, fatty meat, seasons, white wine, ginger juice, ground clausena indica. After that they will fry it under the sunlight for 5- 7 days. When enjoying this dish, tourists will slice it and eat with the ginger fish sauce.

Corn Wine in Dong Van Market

Coming to the highland market in Ha Giang, tourists will enjoy the Thang Co with the corn wine in the winter. Thang Co is difficult to eat at the first time, but it will be easier to enjoy it with the corn wine. 

Does that sound great to you? Many yummy dishes to enjoy. Come to Ha Giang now to be able to try all of them :)

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