What to Prepare Before traveling to Ha Giang?

Before coming to Ha Giang, tourists should prepare well to avoid unexpected nuisance. Here are some things that you should jot down on your travel notes.

What to Prepare Before traveling to Ha Giang?
Photo by Giang A Phon

1. Preparation 

Tourists should research about the destinations, the shortest and safest road, emergency phone number, gas station, helmet and rest station. 

According to a famous backpacking traveler, he usually prepares the protective motorcycle, the knee and elbow cover, sealed glasses. Good helmet, folding chair, tourist gas cooker, chocolate, red bandage medicine, flashlight, compass, GPS…

Tidus Fair – the youth that is interested in the backpacking travel with the hitchhiked and motorbike, said that tourists should take the vehicle maintenance, replace the tire with spikes, buy the protective equipment, refuel, buy the spark plug, …

Cong Thanh, a backpacking traveler, also said that tourists have to prepare money, spare tire, instruments for gas refueling, first aid kit, map, phone full charged, talkie if having too many people, clothes according to the weather. 

Besides, in the winter, tourists shouldn’t wear too many clothes because of being hard to drive. Instead, they should wear the tidy and warm clothes and a thin raincoat to avoid the strong wind. 

Tourists should figure how many people in the group, the most suitable number is 10 -20 people to be easy to manage. 

2. On the way 

Tourists should drive slow and don’t pass the car because these large cars and trucks will absorb you when they run fast. 

Your car should stick the reflective light to recognize each other, people in a group have to follow the leader and numerical order. The average speed for the newbie is 40km/h. They shouldn’t drive close the foot of the mountain because of the moss, which can make the traveler slide and take the accident. 

The fastest speed is 80km/h although all the motorbikes are the specialized vehicles. The safe distance is according to the dual rule. For example, the first motorbike drive with 60km/h, the other should drive at 30km/h. 

The people in the group should follow the instruction of the leader, if there are two many people, the group should have one leadsman (if they have talkie). There are different formation suitable for different topographic. 

What to Prepare Before traveling to Ha Giang? 1
Photo by Giang A Phon

3. Some problems

Sometimes the backpacking travelers will meet the accident. The main reasons are the construction works and heavy rainy. 

Tourists should prepare the knowledge about the light accident, fracture, snake bite,… they had better absolutely trust each other. Before going into the dangerous area or lost phone reception area, they have to herald to the borderlands security, the local police,…

You should find out the phone number of 24/7 rescue car in case of any problem. People in the group should wait for each other, don’t separate from the group.

4. Conscious to himself

Tourists had better prepare the information and knowledge about the backpacking travel and some experience. Read a lot of paper and websites about the backpacking travel. 

Although the road in stone plateau is very beautiful and impressive, it has much danger for the new backpacking travelers. 

Don’t be dumb with the rumor of easily traveling because those people are the professional travelers and you are just the amateur one. Prepare the experience carefully before traveling. 

Ha Giang is a beautiful place to discover. Hope you will have a great time there :)

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