Bac Me – The Attractive Eco-tourism Area in Ha Giang

Bac Me is a remote district of Ha Giang, which is endowed with the precious resources and the potential to become an extremely attractive eco-tourism area.

Bac Me – The Attractive Eco-tourism Area in Ha Giang
Photo by Giang A Phon
Bac Me is away from Ha Giang City about 56km, where has two different ecoregions: The high mountain area such as: Phieng Luong Commune, Duong, Duong Hong, Phu Nam, Yen Cuong, Giap Trung Commune and the other villages of Yen Phong, Yen Phu and Minh Son Commune and the rest one is lowland area. 

This place has 13 ethnics living: Dao, Tay, Mong and the other ethnic minorities, which brings many differences in Culture and Histories. 

Especially, Bac Me is famous  for the natural ecological space, natural resources, culture, traditional customs,… Besides, Bac Me is the place if storing the traditional handicraft such as: Wum, brocade weaving cooking wine, Wrought,…Which creates the abundant choices for tourists when traveling to Ha Giang.

With the big value of nature, culture, history and traditional custom, Bac My is becoming the attractive destination in Ha Giang

If visitors have the opportunity to Bac Me, they can see beautiful and magical sceneries here and enjoy famous specialties made from fish and some other things.

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