Lung Cu Flagstaff in Ha Giang

Lung Cu is located in Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, which is away from Ha Giang Town about 200km.

Lung Cu Flagstaff in Ha Giang
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team
From the faraway view, Lung Cu is looked like the tower surrounded by the majestic forest. Tourists will admire the grave beauty of the flagstaff, which is located on the Rong Mountain and has reliefs of Dong Son bronze drum culture at the foot. All these things appear on the surface of Lo Lo Lake. 

Lung Cu Commune has 3460ha of an area, which includes 9 villages: Lo Lo Chai, Seo Lung, Ta Gia Khau, Can Tang, Then Van, Then Pa, Si Man Khan, San Cho, San Sa Phin. Lung Cu is away from the China about 16km, which has cold weather, sometimes has snow.

Coming to Lung Cu, tourists can discover the culture and history of Mong and Lo Lo ethnic minorities. Especially, tourists can enjoy many specialties of Ha Giang such as: Corn wine, Honey Wine, Peach Wine, pear blossom wine, white snow wine, bitter porridge, some customs, festivals and highland markets of Mong, Lo Lo and Giay ethnic minorities. 

Lung Cu truly has the natural beauty of history, which brings tourists the best nice memories when traveling to Ha Giang

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