Ha Giang Cuisine in Buckwheat Flower Season

Tourists visit Ha Giang in buckwheat flower season, it is impossible to miss delicious specialties of Ha Giang like buckwheat cake, special hot pot, grilled pork, etc. You can enjoy Ha Giang specialties in the market to enjoy perfect taste and atmosphere in here.

Ha Giang Cuisine in Buckwheat Flower Season
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Buckwheat cake

In the middle of October, Ha Giang plateau is full of purple and pink color of buckwheat flower. The local make the flowers cake with nutritional value and good for health. These tiny buckwheat seeds are crushed to a fine powder and mixed with water. After kneading the dough, the mix is put into a mold making small cakes and cooked. You can enjoy it in the market or buy it as the gifts for your family and friends.

Special hotpot (thắng cố)

Featured as the culture of highland, thắng cố is the favorite dish of tourists when traveling in Ha Giang. Thắng cố is made from viscera of horse and cow. Flavor of cardamom, grains, and tubers, lemongrass, chili, pepper is mixed with greasy of meat making the atmosphere warmer on the cold day of the winter. You can eat thắng cố in markets in Dong Van, Meo Vac, Lung Cu, etc. with the price of 20,000VND/ bowl.

Roll cake with egg

Roll cake with egg is eaten with fish sauce. You can come to stores on Ly Tu Trong street (Ha Giang city) or Dong Van market, Dong Van’s old quarter with 25,000VND/ set.

Au Tau soup

The soup is cooked with the main ingredient of cyperus which has powerful poison and grows on a hill of the north of Vietnam. Cyperus is carefully watered by rice water in one night and stewed it in 4 hours at least. Sticky rice is cooked with pork broth and cyperus powder. A bowl of Au Tau soup is 20,000VND, sold near to square of Ha Giang city, Dong Van market, etc.

Sticky rice

Ha Giang five-color sticky rice includes white, red, green, purple and yellow. The color of the sticky rice stands for five main factors on the earth: metal, wood, water, fire and soil. The colors of sticky rice are made by mashing with forest leaves to make color. 

Are they attractive to you? Travel to Ha Giang now and enjoy these tasty dishes!!!

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