Happy Road in Ha Giang

Hanh Phuc road is the name of the legendary and beautiful road in Ha Giang. It is the connection of the two mountains in Dong Van stone plateau.

Happy Road in Ha Giang
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It’s 185km from Ha Giang City to Meo Vac district, which becomes the famous destination. There are the ripe rice field and the Buckwheat flower from September to November. 

In the November, the pink flowers become purple flowers, which creates the great landscape with the white cloud. This season is called as the “flower grows from stone” season. 

In the first 20km it’s easy to travel, however, the 90% road later is difficult to drive. Tourists can enjoy its attraction of this Happy Road. The end destination of this road is the market in Meo Vac. 

The Meo Vac Market is noisy with the sound of the footstep, chatting and cattle. Many local people start from the night before although the market just active a while. They come to enjoy Thang Co and Corn Wine, meeting friends and chatting, not to pursue or exchange something. In spite of the hot weather, the Happy Road is quiet cold. 

After leaving the market, tourists can drive on the Ma Pi Leng Pass, which is one of the biggest passes of Northwest of Viet Nam, is very dangerous. The landscape is very glamourous but tourists must be careful to drive, there are many cornering until they reach the house at the end of the pass.

There are many cat-ear stone mountains, which looked like the huge wall. The Ngo Que River is on the foot of the mountain. The Ma Pi Leng Pass highs about 2000m to the sea level. 

In the Noon, the sky is rather clear. In the morning and  afternoon, the fog covers all the road, which is difficult for the drivers. In the war years, the trailblazers worked very hard and dangerous to creates this road, which is the pride of Dong Van stone plateau.

On the Happy Road, tourists can reach the Dong Van Town with the one century-year-old stone french house, the group market on weekend and the ancient market. The romantic and simple daily life with the ancient atmosphere is the topic of many poems and songs. 

Keep traveling on Happy Road, tourists can visit the mansion of Meo Vuong Duc Chinh King, which is the ancient house with the China architecture. On the way, there are the rice field and Buckwheat flower on the terraced field. The local people also grow corn in the stone niches. 

The rest of the Happy Road is rather easy to drive, tourists can travel pass the villages and terraced field. Near the end of the Sky Gate is the Double Mountain or the Fairy Mountain. The local people here is rather rich, there are the villas and restaurants interleaved the rice field. Upward the Sky Gate is Quan Ba. 

Nowaday, the road is broadened, the Sky Gate becomes the ideal destination in Ha Giang for tourists. From this place, tourists drive about 50km to reach Ha Giang City. 

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